London-area: anyone for a German winterbier swap?

I’ve some spares from a recent shipment of German winterbiers, beers that rarely turn up in the UK. Anyone fancy trading a half-dozen of these for something I’ve not had before? Here’s what I have:

Bitburger Winterbock
Erdinger Schneeweisse
Herforder Weihnacht
Hofbräu Winterzwickl
Tuborg Weihnachts Pilsener
Warsteiner Winter

Any offers? I know they’re not especially new, but as seasonals maybe there’s 5 or 6 ticks here for somebody!

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Potentially interested. What sort of thing would you be looking for in return?

Dunno really, just something interesting that I’ve not tried before! Whatever you have spares of, even? :grin:

Any more thoughts about this??

I’ve swapped them now for some Norwegian winter beers. :yum:


I would have been interested but don’t do London very often.


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You don’t appear to do Stafford or Crewe very often either ! :grin: :grin: :stuck_out_tongue:

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