London Breweries and your totals

I’ve just rated a beer from our Capital and decided to take a look at my brewery totals for the city. Covid has helped to shape my stats, but supermarkets were heavily involved before it ‘kicked in’. Rarely go down there anymore, so not much will change until I manage a few beery trips one day.

Most Rated Breweries in Greater London (by me).
Fuller’s (Asahi)
Chiswick Commercial Brewery 55
Marks & Spencer Stores UK
Paddington Commissioner 45
Lidl UK
Wimbledon Commissioner 39
Holborn Commissioner 18
Gipsy Hill Brewing Company
West Norwood Microbrewery 17
Beavertown Brewery
Tottenham Hale Commercial Brewery 16
Five Points Brewing Company
Hackney Commercial Brewery 12
Meantime Brewing (Asahi)
Greenwich Commercial Brewery 12

Well I thought it was interesting!



London used to be my top English region for quite awhile, but has slipped to 4th now behind Durham, Herefordshire and Somerset.

My top 5 most rated Greater London breweries are the below, don’t see that changing unless they start putting out some gluten free beers:

Fuller’s (Asahi)
Chiswick Commercial Brewery 60
The Kernel Brewery
Bermondsey Microbrewery 54
Marks & Spencer Stores UK
Paddington Commissioner 36
Beavertown Brewery
Tottenham Hale Commercial Brewery 15
Holborn Commissioner 15

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Only surprise here is lack of kernel … you could get 20 or so alone from HOTM last week !

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Greater London is my second highest rated English region. It’s not a surprise as over my almost 4 years in England it’s where I find myself the most outside of Suffolk.

My top 10 by rated are as follows:


I’ve got 412 London rates, my top county with over 100 more than my second highest. Top breweries (quantity) are these:

I’m surprised that I’ve only got 10 London breweries as 10 or more rates. Also a bit disappointed at the amount of macro in there although a lot of the rates wouldn’t have been macro at the time.

I try to get to London about 2-3 times per year. Earlier this month I went to Brixton and was really Impressed with Canopy. Not had a lot of their stuff before but they seem to do well with styles outside the ubiquitous hoppy pales and fruity sours. They jumped to the top of my London list at 3.68, followed by Weird Beard, Hammerton (both 3.62), the Kernel (3.61) and Five Points (3.56).


Six of @BlackHaddock’s list is showing on mine. I don’t specifically go out and look for London craft beers but I struggle to turn down a cheap rate hence my unimpressive listing below. I really do enjoy Kernel beers though so should have had more than ten by now.


I maybe should have mentioned that I’ve had 454 different London rates from 71 breweries, so it’s not all supermarket and Japanese owned beers I’ve had.



Haven’t targeted London rates since I passed 100 and turned it darkest blue on the maps; however, they’ve still continued to rack up and it’s my most rated county both in terms of beers and breweries (191 and 43 respectively).

My most rated breweries are:
Marks & Spencer Stores UK 24
Zerodegrees Microbrewery 24
Fuller’s (Asahi) 17
Brew By Numbers 16
Meantime Brewing (Asahi) 9
London Beer Lab 7
Weird Beard Brew Co. 7
The Kernel Brewery 6

My thoughts are:

  • I’m genuinely astonished that M&S are top, didn’t think I’d had anywhere near that many.
  • The ZeroDegrees ones shouldn’t count as they were all drunk and probably brewed at the Reading branch (don’t know why ZeroDegrees is treated differently to Brewhouse & Kitchen).
  • I really should try more from The Kernel, as it’s my highest rated London brewery and 2nd highest rated brewery anywhere, but I’ve only had 6 rates from them.

There’s a fair few cideries and meaderies now though…

Greater London is my 3rd most rated English region, with 44 rates - coming from 16 breweries (although I’m counting 20 on my list - assume Commissioners don’t count in that total), with the top 6 being:

Name Type Beer Count My Count Est.
London Beer Factory
West Norwood Microbrewery 130 6 2014
Fourpure Brewing Co. (Lion Co. - Kirin Holdings)
Bermondsey Commercial Brewery 227 5 2013
Camden Town Brewery (AB InBev)
Ponders End Commercial Brewery 146 4 2011
Five Points Brewing Company
Hackney Commercial Brewery 69 3 2013
Lidl UK
Wimbledon Commissioner 68 3 2016
Wild Card Brewery (England)
Walthamstow Microbrewery 80 3 2013

So a bit of evil macro going on - and I’m astonished to see that I’ve still to rate anything from the Kernel on here, that surely needs to be remedied! My highest rated London beer was Five Points Railways Porter - but I did have a trip down there last month and haven’t entered my backlog so maybe there was another pearl that I’ve forgotten about, and of course the above totals will likely be wrong once I finally get round to it all, and stop being lazy.


Presumably Zerodegrees beers are all produced to the same recipe and use the same names whereas that is not the case for Brewhouse & Kitchen.

I must have really seen a drop in my overall London rating because I am just not getting to London as much as I used to because there is no longer a London office and I am not going to other meetings up there. Also I of course went to less gigs and just general trips up there.

If it weren’t for Covid I would have definitely seen more ticks from the likes of BrewDog Outpost Tower Hill (5 minutes form the old offices) and Goose Island Brewpub.

However I have been picking up new breweries so I managed to get into the Top 50

A mixture of the usual suspects below – i.e. the more widely available breweries and a few outliers. My sister-in-law lives near Southey and Park’s beers turn up in NW Surrey.

Missing from the list below are Mechanic on 12. Closed on here and not currently brewing but apparently looking for new premises*.

*Indecently (indecently?!) I read that Temple Brew House has now reopened ad the Essex Street beers will start to be brewed again at some point.


By far my highest ticked London brewery is Kernel (300+)… there’s probably dozens on 0 - I remember London having literally half a dozen breweries, now it’s three figures, I used to pick up a few from Sourced each time I was unfortunate enough to pass through London but it’s years since I last got a brewery tick there. I’m not arsed enough to actually deliberately spend time there so I just get them as and when at pubs and festivals more locally

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Here’s my count for London Breweries. 773 beers from 92 breweries. Brew By Numbers, Pressure Drop have certainly been ones I ordered lots online during lockdown. I haven’t really tried anything new from Marks and Spencer for a while.

Name My Count
Brew By Numbers 68
Marks & Spencer Stores UK 66
The Kernel Brewery 60
Pressure Drop Brewing 52
Weird Beard Brew Co. 49
Beavertown Brewery 33

I’m a bit surprised none are over 100 beers


For Greater London, my cider tally is 63 rates covering 14 out of the 18 cideries and my mead tally is 7 from 2 out of the 3 meaderies, so have had a fair few so far

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Greater London is my only English County in double digits with 10 rates.
Below are breweries with their rate count:
Fuller’s 3
Fourpure 2
Five Points 1
Meantime 1
Beavertown 1
Gosnells 1
Camden Town 1

I need to get back to England.


131 London beers ticked on here from 55 breweries. Greater London is my 3rd highest rated county after Gloucestershire & Somerset.

I checked Untappd too, just over 1300 beers from Greater London sampled, including 198 from Kernel. Not sure I’ll ever get anywhere near clearing that backlog, but hopefully I’ll get around to adding a few more.

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I’ll check my actual London numbers later, but in the (Greenwich) meantime there’s a mini beer festival “Springfest” on at the moment - it finishes on Sunday, I think - run by German Kraft at Mercato Metropolitano by Elephant & Castle.

They’ve a bunch of guest and collab beers on, apparently - the details are on the brewery’s Facebook. The list of other (mostly London) breweries taking part includes

Anspach & Hobday
Lost and Grounded
Drop Project

We are planning a family outing over there tomorrow as a late birthday treat for me. :grinning: :beers:

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Hm, I’ve lived in London for several decades now, so I’m not too surprised it’s almost 20% of my total rates, at 1475 beers. I was a bit surprised to see what’s my no.1 - it is (or was - if it survives, it’s no longer London-based, and Ealing Brewing is closer now anyway) my local and did quite a lot of one-offs. And I’ve not had much from Twickenham or Brodies in ages.

Weird Beard 125
Fuller’s (Asahi) 106
Fourpure 61
Marks & Spencer 55
Twickenham Fine Ales 51
Brew By Numbers 48
Beavertown 38
Brodie’s Beers 35
The Kernel 33
Ealing Brewing 29

Do you know where Weird Beard is now being brewed?