London craft beer festival

I’m going to be back in the UK for a week or so in August and it just so happens that the weekend I was planning on being in London the London Craft Beer Festival is on. My plan is to do the Friday afternoon as I’m guessing that’s the quietest, and then probably the Saturday night one with some old friends. Is anyone else planning on attending?

Unfortunately I’m missing this festival again this year! It’s a good festival and indeed the Friday early session has been chilled in previous years. I imagine any RB attendees would aim for that session. Enjoy!

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Not one that’s ever particularly interested me 1.) due to the timing (Chriso Shindig and full on GBBF the next week) and 2.) the beer lists. Yes - I’ll get ticks but there won’t be as much to go at as someone from outside the capital like yourself and I’ll likely catch up on a fair few of the beers I’d be most interested in tasting anyway.

If you’re free on Saturday 4th August at any point you should come and tick with me (and whoever else is about) in Bermondsey in the morning.

If you can spare some time in the afternoon why not come along with us to Chriso’s legendary pre GBBF shindig bottleshare?

It kicks off at 1400 and goes on late … folks are free to come and go as they please … just bring some bottles to share.

He’s only a 10 minute walk from Queens Park tube so you can be back in central London from his front door within half an hour.

Both of these sound very tempting. My plans are pretty up in the air at the moment, so I’ll chat to friends and see when I can be free.

Does anyone know if the stands usually still have lots of beers left for the Sunday afternoon session? Might be an option to meet friends for that session…