London next week

My brother will be in London for a week next week on business. He likes beer, cask and non-cask. He will be staying in the Docklands right by Canary Wharf. I know there are a lot of good places in Bermondsey, but do they still have really weird opening hours? What other places would you recommend? He is perfectly capable of using the subway. Also what are best bottle shops to bring back some beers to the US?

For Bermondsey, this is a good site to check opening hours:

And pubs in general.

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Any particular recommendations of those?

I’d go with: Cloudwater, The Kernel, Moor and Anspach & Hobday if time was limited. Brew By Numbers and Barrel Project as additions.

In the middle section Craft Beer Junction specialise in US beers so probably not what he is after! Biance Road are a bit pants IMO.

Also occurs to me that he’ll presumably be able to get to some of the other beer areas/miles quite easily: Hackney/Bethnal Green/Shoreditch; Blackhorse Beer Mile; Deptford (see @jjsint’s recent place reviews).


Most or perhaps all of Bearded Avenger’s suggested Bermondsey venues open on Thursday afternoons, and a few of them open on Wednesday as well. I’d focus on Enid Street (Cloudwater, Moor, Craft Beer Junction) with The Kernel (my favorite) very close by. The Barrel Project is a bit further in the opposite direction, but offers a few tasty hot sandwiches from a kitchen out front as a reward. Cloudwater has a cooler with a decent selection of cans from various brewers. Craft Beer Junction does have a lot of American (especially Florida!) beers, but their English selection is decent as well. The owner is a very nice guy.

For cask, I love Southampton Arms in Kentish Town, but it is 40-45 minutes from Canary Wharf with a transfer or two thrown in for good measure.

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I was quite surprised at how good Deptford doesn’t come close to competing with Bermondsey but it’s a quick trip from Canary Wharf.

A lot of places in Deptford (like most of the UK) seem to be running reduced hours. These can also change frequently, so it’s hard to keep the database up to date. I’d check Google/FB/bar websites for latest opening hours, but Saturday is probably your best bet for Deptford.


@mansquito: The guy that runs Beer Guide London audits all the pubs. He was in Bermondsey today:

There’s a couple of new places:

  • Pitch & Paddle bottleshop with taps

  • Mash Paddle tap - new brewery