London Trip 7 and 8 Feb

I thought I’d try a @BlackHaddock style diary of my weekend in London. Basic plan is Hackney on Friday 7 and Bermondsey on Saturday 8.

Hackney is loosely based on a pub crawl through Hackney @Leighton posted a while ago. Bermondsey will be a fairly normal trip starting at Druid street Saturday morning and meeting up with @BeardedAvenger for a few beers as we head down the mile.

I will try and post a few updates and rate live but the live rating might be too much after a few beers.


Nice. What’s your rough plan for Hackney? I look forward to following along. I will be at home on baby duty!

The rough plan for Friday

  • BrewDog Dalston from 12:00ish then Red Hand
  • walk to Pembury Tavern
  • Brew Club and Hackney Church
  • The Experiment open from 15:00
  • then onto the Cock Tavern

Uber or long walk to

  • Mother Kelly’s
  • Old Street Brewery
  • Boxcar Brewery
  • Mechanic Brewery
  • Taproom Bethnal Green

I think that’s more than enough but might make a detour or head to Shoreditch

Stopped at my mates house near Peterborough ready for the train to London tomorrow morning. 5 new beers tonight.

The star was the Northern Monk Fruited Sour IPA. Loved the smooth sorbet like tropical fruit. (Top right)


You can get a train from Hackney Downs (connected via a walkway from Hackney Central) to Cambridge Heath. For something more random/hipster/doomer you could also stop off at E5 Bakehouse, which is next to London Fields station, where they sell their own Kvass.

If you have time could end at Goose Island.

(I was going to go to Goose Island and E5 last Friday but decided it would take too long. Going to a gig in March so will go to them then beforehand.)

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Breakfast waiting for the train.

First stop BrewDog Dalston with 3 dark overworks beers. Arcade City, Fake Bake and Campfire.

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Same three on at Soho … looking to scope later … any good ?

Fav so far is Arcade City. But I’m a sucker for chocolate and cherry. :heart_eyes:

Almost missed Red Hand. Very different outside to in.

Quick third and moving on. Great selection could have stayed for more.

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Next up Pembury Tavern. Never been a fan of five point. But they have a few guest beers on so 1 new beer.

On to Hackney Church.

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Your mate has hatched another one !

Taking down those overworks now

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Get any food there?

Yeah the pulled pork buns.

What did you think of the three sours.

Sorry I’ve stopped the live rating and been to the experiment. Currently at the cock and considering a walk to London fields.

Yeah all good … one noticeably sweeter … the bake one I think. Campfire the best for me … purest sour.

Not been to London fields for years … wasn’t usually worth it when they actually brewed there … god knows what it’s like now