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London trip

Hello all,

We will be travelling to London on 26th November with my two brothers for 7 days. We all are craft beer enthusiasts who already are ecstatic about this trip.

As usual we started to research the London craft scene which is gigantic compared to İstanbul and even other European cities. We are already aware of great craft brewers such as Verdant, DEYA, Cloudwater etc. After a little bit of research we came to a conclusion that we need to get advice from an educated local, otherwise there are limitless options and we will always regret the choice we didn’t make.

In this regard, I would like to ask you for your help and guidance. Below I will state what we are looking for. Hope you will be able to help us find the right places which we can fit in 7 days.

We love NEIPAs, so any place that specialises in these kinds of beers,

Places where we can find an extensive selection of Verdant, DEYA, Cloudwater or any other British Brewery beer that we should try. We are open to suggestions obviously.

Places where we can find American beers such as Trillium, Monkish, Tree House etc., if there is such a place in London. (Bottle shops included)

Places where we can find northern european beers such as Gamma Brewery.

Also any place that doesn’t fit in above descriptions and you think we should visit is appreciated. We also love west coast IPAs, Pale ales, imperial stouts etc.

Places with good craft beer and GREAT food that we shouldn’t miss because of the food.

Thank you all in advance for your responses.

This is my map which may help, but it was last updated 2 months ago (I might do an update soon since I’m planning a visit in early December).


I don’t think you’ll find those beers in London, except maybe Trillium sours.

Btw Do you know people from Istanbul Beer Museum?

Thanks a lot for the map.

I know a pub in Kadiköy which also had a museum licence which helped them import some interesting stuff but I don’t know them personally. Haven’t been there since Covid btw.

Cloudwater is probably the best place for US beers, at the moment they have Trillium sours as well as stuff from Allagash, The Veil, Green Cheek, Vitamin Sea. That may of course change by the time you get here.

Other good venues to check out away from Bermondsey: Ghost Whale, The Old Fountain, Stormbird, The Harp

No problem. Can’t give you the editing rights to the map, but if you wish I can export kml if you want to import them to your map.

As for museum I was referring to that one in Maslak which is I believe run by Cem Atay.


Hey @MashMuse55 I posted a bunch of stuff here:

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