London / UK Visit Feb-Mar

We arrive Saturday Feb 25, I am going to try for Fulham FC tickets that afternoon. We leave the next day for Cardiff and spend a week in Wales, then back to London Saturday March 3, flying home the next day.

Anyone around and interested in meeting up? Cheers!

Set a goal to tick every existing Brains ale.

I can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious :wink:

Also what is best bottle shop in London to grab some cans to bring home?

  1. I really like Brains-

  2. Brewdog bottle shop -but the address can be confusing to gps and the gps user

Decent bottleshops in London include:
Mother Kelly’s, Bethnal Green
The Bottleshop, Bermondsey
Hop, Burns & Black, Peckham Rye (my favourite)
Caps & Taps, Kentish Town
Kris Wines, Camden Town / Islington border

The top two listed are drink in as well, each has 15 or 20 taps.

Have a great trip!

Brewdog bottleshop closed a while back!


Saturday March 3 could be an opportunity to meet up depending on when you get back to London?

Likely around noon / early afternoon. ( I haven’t booked the train yet. )

Am I likely to find beer from any of these counties around London, or not really?
Isle Of Wight
Tyne & Wear

I’d say: first two would be down to luck of what’s on , but you’re likely to come across the latter two (ie Mad Hatter or Wylam in craft beer orientated shops/bars ).

Thinking about it, Tring of Hertfordshire are quite common on cask so you may well come across them.

McMullens are Hertfordshire. Try the Nag’s Head on James Street in Covent Garden

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And don’t forget Market Porter in Borough Market. You never know what hardly recognized beer from anywhere might be there.


Forgot all about McMullens*. There’s also the Spice of Life in Soho where I went for my Protz 300 tick. In that area could drop into Harp, Lyric, Brewdog Soho, Spice of Life and Craft Beer Co - Covent Garden or a similar route to see what’s on.

*Put it this way, there are now two McMullens pubs 10 min from where I work but have never bothered going to either.

So this is a go! We arrive early the morning of Saturday Feb 24th, Fulham FC at 5:30PM afternoon and evening plans TBD. Back in London for 1:30PM March 3rd. Tentative plan is to visit several pubs near our hotel in Islington area and likely Bethnal Green. Shoot me a message if interested in meeting up. Cheers!

Does anyone know if Mother Kelly’s can pack up a box suitable for checking on a flight? I sent them an email but did not get a reply.

For Cardiff theres a couple of good bottle shops - ‘The Bottle Shop’ & Discount Supermarket which is a short bus ride out of the centre & looks like a standard corner convenience store but has a great selection of Welsh, UK / world beer & a few odd country ticks. All the good bars are v close to each other in the centre.

Where in Wales are you heading?

Wales section is going to be Cardiff-Caerphilly-Brecon-Pontneddfechan-Llandeilo-Swansea-Cardiff

I’m afraid you’ve picked dates when I’ll be out of town.