Heading down to London for a few days (mon-thu), staying in Holborn - have checked the Places already, can see a couple of bars worth trying out (if I’m allowed by the other half) but wondering if the hive mind have any gems I should consider?

I wouldnt pay too much attention to places as largely 2 years out of date due to lack of footfall.

Some bars are operating with way less choice than in the past.

Im back in the office on 2nd and 4th march for first time since pre xmas.

Back then i found Brew dog tower hill a reliable spot … full taps in use, 3 of their own brews and lots of guests.

Bermondsey was also performing well on the Wednesdays and fridays i popped down.

I believe hackney is still a good spot to hit … @Leighton can confirm.

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Yeah various places in Hackney are operating pretty much as normal. You could do a nice little crawl around Hackney Central with Cock Tavern, The Experiment, Hackney Tap, Pembury Tavern.

I really haven’t been to any central London pubs for, well, the better part of two years!

But I have been to Bermondsey twice in the past few months and the scene seemed back to normal down there. More than enough variety there to spend an evening.


Just check operating hours, of course. I think some taprooms in Bermondsey aren’t open early in the week. In Hackney, The Experiment opens Wed-Sun.

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Cheers fellas. So far have managed a couple in Euston Tap, one in Maple Leaf (not fekkin Canadian, grr!) and a GK in Punch & Judy. Onwards and upwards

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Be careful - there are ill omens.

If you’re central then Craft Beer Co Covent Garden and those two Brewdogs (Seven Dials and Soho) are easiest. Plus the Lyric (edit: not Rake) and the Harp.


Mikkeller brewpub at Exmouth Market is decent enough and not far away.

Beer n Burger near Kings Cross is good too for the area and there’s a few other places around the Goods Yard area.

Otherwise Bermondsey is great. Especially on Wednesday or Thursday as pretty quiet

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Going to be around the Surrey Quays/Canada Water area tomorrow, any
Places of note to go with the family.
Not sure we will get to the Mayflower.


Hey Joe, I cant comment as we’ve not headed that far East - furthest we got was Tower Bridge (Dean Swift highly recommended for beer, BrewDog wasn’t too shabby either). Enjoy your day

Went on a pubcrawl starting up there and then South along the Thames. No pubs of note. And a couple were shut on a Friday during the day.

Great shout WMW, had a good hour or more at Mikkeler brewpub, ‘on the way’ to Euston, some good beers and a tasty Danish Hot Dog.