Looking for a brewmaster / brew assistant keen on a Medellín adventure

Hi fellow beer aficionados!

We´re José and Dries, two young entrepreneurs who recently started a brewpub project in Medellín, Colombia. Passionate home brewers, that we are, but we lack that extra sparkle to make our beer really pop out, and you might be exactly who we need to help us shine.

What we are looking for: A passionate brewmaster/brewing assistant with relevant experience. A young adventurer or a skillful pensioner looking for a unique life experience. Willing to take a young Colombian assistant under his wings to teach him the art of brewing and perfect a few recipes.

What we offer: A lifetime opportunity to go on an adventure. A 3 to 4-months stay in latin boomtown Medellín, Colombia, starting somewhere between September and November 2018. Return flights. The opportunity to work with a small, enthusiastic team that wants to match the locals with the art of craft beers. Enough free time to explore and enjoy the city and its surroundings.

Interested? Send us a message at info@metropole.beer

This sounds like a job for El Jefe @joes.