Looking for an English Pale Mild Ale

Can anyone from the UK think of a commonly available, bottled English PALE Mild Ale? I’m not sure if there is such a thing, my understanding is that they are rare even on tap and practically non-existent in bottled format, but hopefully I’m wrong about that.

If anyone would be willing to trade a bottle for a rare German style, like Roggenbier or Lichtenhainer, that would be awesome. I would also be up for expanding into a locals for locals trade with some more bottles if people feel it’s not worth the trade for just one bottle. I’m from Cologne, so I could offer plenty of Kölsch and/or Alt beers, but I also have access to some Franconian stuff and IPAs from highly regarded German craft breweries such as FrauGruber, Blech.Brut or Fürst Wiacek.

Some of these are potentially available to get hold of but is this is a real style? The UK versions are all golds or bitters on here.

I see that some Light Ales are also classified as this style.

I’ve got the top of that BA list right next to me on the shelf - Ossian.
I picked it up in Scotland last week.
It says Refreshing Blonde Ale on the bottle…

Timothy Taylor Golden Best, a Pennine light mild, apparently the last of its kind., a rarity


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I think that’s part of the problem. It’s a style that has long fallen out of fashion and is almost impossible to find these days. If you google it,you will find references to it, but I’ve also heard that most of the “Pale Milds” on BA are actually Golden Ales or Bitters.

I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to this though, I don’t want one of those Golden Ales/Bitters that people simply enterered as a Pale Mild because they couldn’t find a real one… I’d rather have the style open than cheat like that.

Same with the American Dark Wheat Ale, which also seems to be almost impossible to find even in the USA, they are the only two styles that I’m still missing on BA, I even managed to get my hands on a Happoshu!

I’m actually kind of hoping that they will remove them during the next style update, which has been announced but keeps getting pushed back…

Is this cask-only or do they bottle it?

Never seen it bottled, they might bottle it, but i had it on cask.