Looking for ideas/advice - beer focused stag-do in north of England

Hi everyone, I’m looking for ideas for a weekend stag-do I’m helping to organise in late October. Most folk are coming from Scotland. There are around 8-10 of us. Most are into quality beer so I’d love to organise something with good beer/breweries/bars.

So far the initial plan is to go somewhere in the north of England, as it won’t be too far to travel. We’re looking to do an active activity (go-karting most likely) a beer event/activity (brewery tour, beer festival, etc), have a good dinner then go to pubs that serve an excellent range of beer.

My initial thoughts are Newcastle (Wylam, Box Social) and Manchester (Marble, Cloudwater) but I haven’t yet looked into either in much detail.

I’d love to know if you’ve organised or been to a brilliant stag-do and what you did that made it so good. All ideas very welcome. Thanks in advance.

You can’t go too wrong with Newcastle. Start out at Wylam. And then Uber into the Center of the city. For the beer venues as you head from the train station area down to the Tyne.

Places like Box Social, Split Chimp, BrewDog, Bridge Taven, and many more. Also across the swing bridge is the By The River Tap.


Never organised one, but Liverpool could be an option?

Ferry cross the Mersey, etc, etc. Plenty of interesting pubs too.



Went to one in Cornwall few years back. Rented a cottage for about a dozen of us. Went surfing, arsed about on the beach, played a lot of football. As we were drinking cans on the beach in the daytime, the most suitable beer was sessionable pale ale 4-5%. Was great not having to think about or rate beer for a few days.

My advice is to perhaps have a beer kitty (£150 or something to start) and designate someone to order and pay for everything (someone who understands prices / ABV and can dissuade someone who chooses something too strong or pricey). I’ve done that before and it saved so much faffing about.

Also, have a decision maker to choose the route and when to leave a bar / go for food. Otherwise you spend half the time debating where to go, when to eat etc…

Or maybe I’m too organised.

Hope you have a good one.


I’d second the kitty, definitely a good idea and no need to worry about who is buying what round.

Manchester is a great shout, great food scene as well as other breweries that you don’t mention.

My other main bit if advice would be to pace yourselves, don’t start too early and don’t try to cram in too many venues.

I organised one stag in Norwich where we only went to maybe half a dozen pubs over three days, but it was great. Also co-organised one in Köln which took in a football match and three or four of the big kolsch venues. Less is more IMO.


One thing to remember is you may need a virtual kitty some bars are now cashless.

Last time I had a pub crawl with a kitty I set up an account with an online bank. So could draw cash and pay by card / phone.

I’ve heard Monzo do some great things with virtual kitty’s. Each person needs a Monzo account. Anyone pays and flags it to the kitty. At the end of the night or weekend the app applies a debit or credit to each persons account so they have spent the same.

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