Looking for info on a beer I had in Oklahoma

Hey y’all,

I’m wondering if you could help me get my hands on a beer I had while I was passing through OK on my way to California. This was just before the pandemic. Long story short, my wife’s been bugging me to go on a cross country road trip in our RV and I finally gave in. Since we’re both simple folk, we took things slow, and while we were passing through OK, she mentioned she wanted to make a stop. She said she’d read about the world’s biggest casino online (https://www.nodeposithero.com/feature/biggest-casinos-in-the-usa/).

Anyway, I agreed and we went to the place. While there, we also frequented the bar and since I’m a draught beer lover and I was surprised to see taps in a casino bar, but when in Rome and all that. So I had a murky looking one, and it was finger-licking good! I asked the bartender for the brand name, but he told me the casino was sourcing it from a local brewer. By that time, it was time to get back to the RV and back on the road the following morning.

However, I can’t get the incredible taste out of my mouth, so I’m wondering if anyone’s got any info on local brewers in the OK area? Please let me know!