Looking for Typical German Styles

Hey, All.
Sorry, my German is pretty bad, Hence the English.

I would like to reach out to ya for a few trades. I’m looking for typical German beers, To study beerstyles and get to recognize them blindly.
I am from Belgium myself. Close in distance, but far in terms of beerstyles, as we get very few German beers over here.

Mostly looking for Styles such as Kristalweizen, landbier, kellerbier ( pale and amber ) , zwickel, leichtbier,… As those are for sure the hardest to come by.
On further extend also all other , typical german -originated beerstyles.
Would like to trade , or buy full shiping boxes ( not single bottles, since shipping would be very high )

  • Unrated is a big +
  • if it’s listed as BJCP style example, it’s a very big plus ( 2015 guidelines )
  • If it’s an unrated top 50 by style on ratebeer, it’s a plus.

If you’re interested , send me a PM , since I wont check the forum everyday. Again, I can either buy or trade. Looking for multiple trades / Buys, as it’s a goal to get to know the styles really well ( it doesn’t happen if you drink a beerstyle once ) although I might not to 10 trades / buys at the same exact time. In that case, we’ll work on it a bit later.

Thnx for reading !

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Definitely getting back to you in the next year, if still interested. At the Moment I am quite budy and the cellar is packed with beers I Need to drink first before doing another trade.

that’d be great. Also interested in buying them though :slight_smile:

I have very good experiences with:


I’m pretty sure I can get you a dozen BJCP style examples rather easily.

I will remember it when shopping for the box I’m sending you anyway :wink:

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Sent you a message. Whenever you want something from Austria, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help!

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Seems this one is covered. Otherwise I could also help with some styles.

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I’ll remember. Enough beer to be covered the next few weeks or months, I might get back to ya after that :stuck_out_tongue:

Great web shop suggestions. Already made an order in one of them! I have been looking for a good site to order classic German styles and there are not many that ship to Estonia.

Make sure to get fresh stuff, those unfiltered lagery styles loose very very fast on the taste.

I have never ordered at Landbierparadies, but the bottles they have in their shops are very fresh.