Losing a taste for hops/IPA?

So this is weird, I love IPAs, always have. But something strange has happened. A few weeks ago, I had Intuition Ale Works Easy on the Eyes session IPA. I noticed a strong funky cheesiness and attributed it to stale hops and isovaleric acid. Oh well, it happens, I figured.
But then 2 of the hoppier beers I’ve had in the last couple of weeks, Pabst American Pale Ale and Golden Road Wolf Pup, both had the same cheesiness (though to a lesser degree).
I figure the chances of them all using stale cheesy hops is unlikely.
What are the chances some weird taste bud switch got flipped on me? If true then maybe there are others who think all IPAs taste like cheese?

Old hops? Test your taster by getting a fresh Stone Drink By … if that tastes cheesy, well …

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I have noticed the stinky cheese flavor in a number of IPAs recently. I thought it could be due to large amounts of Amarillo hops used in the beer. One of them was this, for example: