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Luxembourg Aug 31-Sep 7

So heading for a week in Luxembourg fairly soon.

Have gone through the brewery section on RB, as well as various websites etc.
We’re lucky that the Kirchbeier, Luxembourg Craft Beer Festival actually takes place the day we arrive + Sunday, yay for luck when booking dates a long time in advance!

Other than that, will be based in Luxembourg City for the week, looking at no driving at all, either walking, using public transport or taking trains. Have plans for several of the days to be day trips (by train) out in the various parts of the country, no nothing set in stone.

I highly enjoy visiting breweries and brewpubs, as well as bars with wide or specific selection, but mainly for me looking at domestic (Lux) beers when going. Not all that interested in bottle shops (where you cannot sample on site), since I won’t be taking too much with me home.

Other than this, finding not to miss non beer related places or places of interest, national or just very great food etc.

Anyone have any tips of what not to miss?

You should message the dude who was stating that only Luxembourgish beers satisfy him.

Well perhaps, though at this time more a general request looking for actual responses by experience though.

That was me, but I usually buy my beer at the supermarket.
To the thread opener: I can recommend you the Craft Corner in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie and the Black Stuff in Luxembourg-Pulvermühl, which aren’t far away from my place.

Fantome day trip?

Only doing Luxembourg on this trip, and not 100% beers, so likely won’t be going to Belgium at all.

Onlt detour from the country itself might be a day trip to Trier.

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Vianden is a pleasant little tourist town, not much on the beer front though.

Remich on the Mosel river is another nice tourist town, again not much going on beer wise.

Both have bars selling local Luxembourg Pilseners, etc, but nothing unusual that I have found.


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Forgot about this place: http://www.biermuseum.lu/en/museum/national-museum-of-the-art-of-brewing/


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I am for sure looking forward to experience the country with beer in mind s well as food, though also culture, sights, history, views and such, so do not mind going to places where there are no ticks to be had :slight_smile:

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That is on the radar!

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Don’t get too excited about the Beer Museum, the bar wasn’t even open when we went!



I am silly enough to enjoy a beer museum without beer as well :slight_smile:

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New bar: Alter Schwede, in Remich.

Might be worth finding, diverse beers on offer. It has a facebook page with a few pictures.


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That’s seriously the name?
Remember that expression from days past on muddy fields in Germany during various heavy metal festivals.
Beer selection on those were often lacking…

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Aug 31 and Sep 1 there is Kirchbeier Craft Beer festival in Luxembourg. A bit more info on FB:

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Got that in our plans :slight_smile:

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Depending on how I am proceeding with my uni papers I might be there as well. I will let you know.

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I didn’t find much local back there when I was there about 2 months ago but the import scene was decent.

Craft Corner was my favourite place which also has their own brewery, ratings on here aren’t too positive but I found it to be very nice. Artisan’Ale is a beer store not focused on on-sight drinking but they did have Totenhopfen. Liquid Bar might also have some which had a very selection by local standards, once more mainly imports. Everything is sort of imported in Luxemburg.

Café Bel Air seemed promising but was unfortunately closed when visited due to holidays etc.

Otherwise really enjoyed the parks, modern art museum & the very big elevator. Also hit up Vianden for the castle which is definitely recommended if you are into castles.

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If you like hiking, I recommend you the Müllerthal close to Echternach, also called the small Luxembourgish Switzerland.

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