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Macedonian beer in Belgrade?

Hi ex-Yugoslavia!

Is there any chance of finding Macedonian beer in Belgrade? I haven’t been since 2011, before I joined
RateBeer and before I was really interested in beer.

Also, how common are Kabinet beers? Is it possible to find them in supermarkets, or do you have to go to bottle shops?

I’d also be interested in hearing about Macedonian piss in Ex-Yu

Don’t recall seeing Macedonian beer anywhere out of Macedonia really, but maybe in Macedonian restaurants?

Maybe some basic ones, but bottle shops are your best bet, plenty of places like that scattered around Belgrade. Kabinet is, along with, maybe, Dogma, one of rare few who are managing to retain the same level of quality of their bottled products and their draft beer - always try to go for draft beer first when it comes to Serbian craft. Crow and Tron are good examples (and can be excellent on tap), but most others too.


Thanks a lot Marko, much appreciated!

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