Macro beer bad reaction

Hi! I don’t know if this ever happened to anyone but on the last three years or so I have had bad experiences with macro brews. I can drink 4 pints of stouts, porters, etc. in a day with no problem but I have had uncommon reactions to beers of the likes of Bud or Corona. One pint and I feel sick. Like poisoned or something. It’s not a normal drunk feeling nor a hangover. Hard to explain. All these experiences have been in bars surrounding University campus that offer “beer specials”. If I drink those beers from bottle at home I am fine.

Any knowledge of beer adulteration on those places? Is it a common practice in the States?.

That shit is too inexpensive to justify adulteration. More likely you are drinking at places that are just pushing lots of beer, and not paying attention to sanitation. Drink Far from the Madding Crowd.

sounds like stained lines to me.

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I had a time when I couldn’t even have a small beer without feeling sick the next day ajd a rscing heart after having a glass. Turns out i had a problem with histamine, which was easily manageable. I’ve since stopped taking antihistamines before drinking beer as it’s generally gotten better.

The last time I had Michelob I was a fountain of diarrhea, a never-ending cascade of brown water that lasted pretty much the entire day.

Tl;dr - I have had a bad reaction to macro, yes.