Mad Fox's DC Taproom Closes

Mad Fox has closed their Glover Park taproom in DC today where they had food and their own beers (though nothing brewed on site there) plus occasional tap takeovers with other breweries. Profits weren’t good enough to continue. Not totally surprised given the location and with Paradiso and The Sovereign in Georgetown probably being the more trekked to beer geek spots in that part of DC.

I’d never been, mostly due to the Falls Church brewpub being close by and The Sovereign being the main beer spot to hit while in Georgetown.

I was out with some people at the Falls Church location on Saturday. They had all lived in Glover Park and had only been there once. Each time I visited them since 2015, I suggested going to the place, but they all thought I was crazy to want to go “that far” when they could just go to Townhall, which was about 2-3 DC blocks closer to their house.

Apparently it’s not situated in the most ideal area - it’s kind of between the two more highly trafficked areas (Georgetown and upper Glover Park). I had been to the restaurant that was in Mad Fox’s location immediately prior to Mad Fox going in. Good place, but just in the wrong part of town. Looks like the same thing happened to Mad Fox.

Has Donnie got any good news for us?

Glover Park is a weird spot, but I think it SHOULD have worked there for them. I love that they tried.

Ornery… I’m with Jason, natural selection. I don’t know why @radagast83 is so partial to them.

Capitol City is literally the same thing. That lease was destined to run out and their product, food and ambiance never attracted a large enough crowd in Shirlington. Maybe midtown is different, but I haven’t put Capitol City to my lips in 5 years +.

The bubble is coming, the market can sustain this many breweries.

Did anyone see Rocket Frog is opening their doors in Shirlington? With an immediate mug club? $200 for the first year, $50 to add year two immediately. That’s a company who thinks they won’t be open 24mons.

I just wanted to make it clear that Ornery claimed they were still operating in whatever capacity they could as a business are before an Admin came in and closed it down down, but fuck it, just close it down: How many breweries that say they’re going to find a new location actually pull it off?

Speaking of closings…

Right Turn, Clyde Brewing Company closed on March 3rd. It’s still listed as being open in the DB.

Heroic should be closed. They’ve been closed since the end of January. It’s still listed as being open in the DB.

Corcoran should be closed. They’ve been closed since the end of January. It’s still listed as being open in the DB.This closing should be handed just like “Blue & Gray Brewing Co.” when they were bought by Adventure. It should be a totally new entry in the database instead of renaming all Corcoran beers to B Chord. We don’t need another Vintage 50 fiasco where all the beers are renamed, and that new business only survives less than 6 months.

The Capitol City Brewing Company and it’s beers should be retired since they are no longer producing beer. Bill Madden mentioned on Facebook that “Capitol City Company no longer brews beer.” They should not revert back to being a DC brewery unless they start contracting with someone or if they resume operations on their own in DC. I suppose they’re still selling kegs of whatever remaining beers they had, but they’re done. The only thing that should stay open is the DC place, which should be marked as a restaurant. It never should have been marked as a brewpub because they have never actually brewed their beer there.

I have gone to Capitol City regularly - the cyclists I hang with used to have a monthly happy hour there - though that faded, and an overlapping (but more DC focused group) is now doing HHs at District Hardware, at the Wharf. And we moved our Freezing Saddles opening and final HH’s from CC to Bier Baron (but that is because FS got too large for CC to accommodate us). Shirlington is still a place where group rides often end, and we will still often want a beer afterwards, I think we will generally be doing New District.

Will CC in DC be serving beers from other breweries? Did they already? I have never been there.

Re Corcoran - the brewery closed, I take it? But the winery, and more relevant to this site, the cidery, are still in business?

BTW, I was “mayor” of CC Shirlington when it closed. Does this mean I am mayor forever?

Is New District a good brewery?

Shows how out of touch I am. I didn’t even know it opened.

DC crew is awesome. Miss you guys.

Closing, retiring beers. I try to keep up, but Virginia is active. Message me if you want something changed asap and I miss it.

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