Madmitch76 hits 30K!

Some one else can start a milestone thread if they want … I’ve put this here as most who know our Ken best will more likely see it.

Kenneth took down his 30,000th rate on rate this beer dot com last night.

It was of course a Kernel beer !

Well done to a top guy who is always generous with his beer at tastings etc and has become a good friend since we first met at the Craft Beer Co some 6 1/2 years back!

Did you know we once had a tasting together in an Amsterdam hotel bedroom in our underpants eating noodles !

True story !


Cheers and congrats to that huge milestone!

A mighty effort - well done sir!

Good work, congrats!

I did not know, but I am not the slightest bit surprised!

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Just surprised it wasn’t Cheesy Wotsits you were eating!


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whos Ken? but well done him

Pics or it didn’t happen

Kenny’s capacity for generosity, camaraderie and, of course, 15% monster beers and pizza, knows no bounds.

Congrats Kenny!



Impressive!! Congrats!


Nice one Ken! Always a pleasure to share a (increasingly rare) beer with you!


Good job, Ken is a top bloke, he has provided me with lots of Kernel rates, and showed me some good places in that London. I had one, Ken had 4, he rated live when i still got paper and pen. Cheers for a top man !:beer:

Big well done. I can’t imagine trying that many beers.

I have given 48 Kernel beers a score of 4.0 or above, but there is no Kernel beer that averages 4.0 or above on rate my beer dot com

I would have checked how many Kenny rated above 4.0 (probably in the region of 300) but of course Abinbev have removed my ability to do this

Congrats, that’s massive!

There’s an old saying about RateBeer, that goes something like this:

“RateBeer - it beats smoking crack.”

I think Kenny would agree!

Congrats MadMitch!

My God, that’s impressive. Congratulations!

Nice one Kenny.

A pleasure to share a few beers with a top bloke who epitomises everything good about the Rb community.

His dedication to DIPAs and the Bruery has single handedly increased my levels of boost joose ticking to a whole new level

He’s just entered the top 5 raters too, so congratulations again!