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I have noticed a lot of Maibocks this year, more so than in years past. A lot of variation, and most have been quite enjoyable. Is this something you are seeing in well in your area?

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Yeah 2021 is the year of the lager resurgence. I saw way more Maibocks on the shelves this year in NYC, and I just picked up another one in Philadelphia. I think it is part of the backlash against smoothies and NEIPAs.


Unfortunately not in EU yet (I like good bocks a lot!), but I’m sure we will get there in next year or year after that :smiley:

I haven’t noticed this but it would be very welcome.

Had another Maibock today and was not even expecting it.

In Sweden there’s been quite a few bocks released lately. At least two Maibocks (Stigberget + Ängöl) but also Rauchbock (Närke) and some others too (Nynäshamn, Nils Oscar, Beerbliotek)

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Is it more than usual?
Netherlands and (obviously) Germany always have nice selection of maibocks, but I haven’t noticed more of them in the EU webshops nor locally. In Estonia bock is basically synonym for a hobo drink, so I don’t expect too many of them in the near future.

Maybe not bocks specifically, but looking at the bigger picture regarding lager I believe there’s been more new beers the last 12 months than before. There seems to be a little bit of lager-trend going on here that’s now picking up pace. For example Stigberget have made lager before of course, but now there’s a full series released within short time containing Rauchbier, Maibock, Helles and Märzen. Haven’t seen that kind of stuff happen before.

I’ve been drinking a lot of new lagers this year. However only one new maibock thus far. Bring them on

Here in Germany, lots of Maibock as usual. I could stock up some for home and almost all local breweries had a Maibock on tap on offer

I agree with general statement about lagers. Definitely way more available by craft brewers. Even Põhjala recently released lager (they had “pilsner” that tasted like pale ale before, so I consider the new one their proper first lager). Unfortunately it is clearly aimed towards macro lager drinkers as it is very very bland…

Not necessarily Maibocks (although I can think of a few that have been released recently) but lager styles are definitely a thing in the UK right now. Went to a local brewery yesterday and they didn’t have one of their own on but did have a three from other local breweries on sale. And supermarkets have started stocking more ‘macro craft lagers’.

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