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Make retired places rateable again!

Currently, it’s not possible to review retired places.

That needs to be changed. Ratebeer is first and foremost a rating site. People are spending their money and their time, two very valuable resources, to travel and visit beer places. Backlogs pile up which they don’t always have the time to enter immediately. And places get closed - as we’ve seen with Covid, very abruptly, sometimes without warning. And get retired. And then raters who have spent the time and money to visit them, partly for place ratings, cannot enter theirs. And that stinks.

Admins can unretire, rate, then retire again, they can be asked for that, but that is a shitty workaround.

“But nobody has any use for those ratings?! Why would you rate a closed place!?”
-Ratebeer is not only a “let’s cater to visitors” service, but a rating service. So raters themselves have use for them, sometimes as mnemonic devices to remember a journey. And no visitor has any use for textless ratings either, and yet those are very much allowed. So no argument there.

Closed places don’t show up in searches and are clearly marked everywhere as closed (except for those that were never reported as closed). It doesn’t create any clutter, it’s not hurting anyone.



MRPRA is a weird slogan, looks Russian, mhhhh lets see:

No, МРПРА not found, did you mean МОПРА? And if so, why haven’t you rated it yet?

Seems reasonable. Just not sure to whom is original post directed to.

Well, getting the attention of the site administrators has a bit of the aspect of a cargo cult these days: You perform the rituals and if you are lucky they will answer your prayers with a crate of hard bisquits…


Marko is an admin. Who are the administrators who can make this happen? Joet?

I think users can review retired places. Go to places, go the country or country/region the place was, scroll to the bottom in the Now Out of Business part, click the place you want to review, on the retired places page the top right has Write a Review and click this, fill out your review and click save. Please let me know if this does not work.

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  1. Unretire a place
  2. Rate it
  3. Re-retire it

Not applicable to all users.

It does not work. You can go through all the motions, but the review isn’t saved.

Website Feedback is for services and/or Joet.

It’s mainly here for when/if we have a more (inter)active web team/person again. Not everything is dead as you saw when the search issue was resolved.

It seems that they intended for users to be able to review retired places. They probably just need to fix this.

Another vote in favor. I’ve run into the recently as well.

It’s also inconsistent with the ability to rate retired beers, even from closed breweries, which everyone can do.

Well that’s the thing. What I’ve seen is your post about Joe escalating the issue (to whom?) and again your feedback the issue is solved. The issue is not fully fixed (beers entered on 4th are not searchable) and it is to be seen if this invisible force maintaining the site is aware of it.

Services last visited the forums almost 4 months ago so wouldn’t put my money on them.

Sorry Marko, I thought we all could do this. My mistake.

Beers that were not edited after the underlying issue was resolved are still unsearchable, yes, at the moment of writing, I was told a script would be run to get those back there.

Right now, even if it’s not run, we can resolve that by hand, though it would suck if we had to.

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