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Makgeolli - where to add?

I recently tried a traditional Korean fermented rice drink called Makgeolli, it’s defined as a rice beer. How do I classify this? As Specialty Grain - Other?

A search here shows 2/3 are currently under Traditional Ale - Other and the rest Saké - Namasaké.


Wasn’t Makgeolli one of the Rice wine which didn’t pass the vote to add 2 years ago in the big style mashup?

When did this become rate able? Definitely was not in the past, as far back as 2011 when I lived in South Korea. In fact I had bought and added about 12 when I was told they couldn’t be rated here.

Oh, I didn’t know it. Why wasn’t it rateable?

No idea, likely some “can of worms” line of reasoning. Saké good, (Chinese/KoreaN) rice wines bad style.


I would think that Korean people would be really offended if their fermented rice drink was to be classified under a Japanese drink category!

Let’s rename the Sake family style to RICE BASED FERMENTED BEVERAGES then :wink:

TBH they aren’t even close in my mind and tastes. Not that I like sake either.

Should be a separate style IMHO, nothing like saké. A new brewery making makgeolli recently started in Brooklyn, the two I tried were pretty good. My wife and her friend, who is Korean, recently made some homebrewed makgeolli. Let me just say I am glad it is now being professionally brewed.

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