Malibu beer - Germany or Trinidad?

The database here says Malibu, a coconut radler, is brewed at an unknown location by a brewery with a German name. I found a bottle at Total Wine, here in the USA, with a label saying it was brewed in Trinidad and Tobago, that worthy Caribbean republic. I do not have the bottle here (because I am only going to buy such an abomination if I can get a country tick) but something does not seem right. Your assistance is appreciated.

“If Trinidad is a boat, I go sail on it, sink or float.”

Best would be if you post a picture of front and back of the bottle to verify any details.

Did some research:

According to this from April 2017, there is indeed a version suppossedly brewed in the Carribbean. But the one brewed in Germany does already exist longer. And as it is a brand owned by Pernod Ricard this will be the same recipe, so wouldnt allow a new entry according to our database guidelines.

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“Produced in the Carribean” is nice and vague too, probably means it gets produced in Venezuela or Mexico and re-imported to T&T

If you just want the tick, Carib is not real hard to get.

The label at Colas says it’s brewed at Carib. So, whatever you’ve bought in the Americas is from Carib Brewery. The European version, that’s been around since 2015 (test phase in the Netherlands, full release a year later) is brewed is brewed somewhere in Germany…

Gonna move it to Carib for now and explain.

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BA has it as being brewed in France:

They just dumped it under the company that owns the brand. It’s not brewed in France (unless something has changed radically).

Right, but I suppose they are calling it a French tick, the same way we call Mikkeller Danish…

Welp, then it’s a US tick for the version brewed in the Caribbean.

Tasted it, thanks