Man, some people are just color blind

I’ve been reading beer ratings for a looong time. I got a gripe. Red is red. Amber is amber. Yellow is yellow and black is black. Damn, mahogany is mahogany… or at least copper-like.
Gold isn’t brown. Yellow isn’t amber and everything that’s not brown or darker isn’t freaking orange. Swear to God, “orange” is the new “black” (pardon the pun).
There shouldn’t be fifteen different colors listed in the ratings for the same beer. If you’re color-blind, don’t mention the beer’s color, or at least break out a digital color wheel on that smartphone you drag around with you everywhere.
Look man, everyone’s sense of smell is different. Same with taste and probably mouthfeel, but color? Yeah, maybe my blue is your purple and my red is your orange. Everyone sees differently too. I get that, but the 11 to 13 universally accepted main colors and the gazillion various shades are all shown on a color wheel somewhere; easily found on one’s smartphone. There isn’t a scratch n sniff feature on any phones I know of, so I’ll forgive the huge variance in the descriptions of a beer’s smell and taste, etc. But if you’re too lazy to get the color right, how can I trust anything else in your review? I count on you people for advice, so get with it.
PS For those who don’t know me, I’m really not an asshole… most of the time. This post has been 19 years in the making. Ignore it if you like, or preferably just get the damn color right.

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You know, besides the fact that color naming is a pretty subjective thing, there are factors such as lighting in the bar and oxidation in the beer that might make the same beer appear differently. Also, recipe tweaks.


Looks pretty yellow to me (cricket fossil in Baltic amber)

Sometime you pour a beer and it’s clearly brown as it come from the bottle but in a wide glass in looks black.


Yep, the environment in which the beer is observed is the determiner.


Even an imperial stout can look ‘dark brown’, not ‘pitch black’, when you get a 1 oz. splash at a share into the bottom of a snifter. But that’s a different rant about sample sizes, isn’t it?

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Once I had raised a similar concern, and inquired about the SRM system here. One other concern in color naming is whether you’re a native speaker of the language or not. How do I define a color in a different language if I cannot even do it properly in mine? Simple solution is using only 3 colors: yellow, amber, and brown. Who cares about hue and saturation anyway?
PS: I carry a black pen in my pocket for comparison, and there never is a ‘pitch black’ beer when compared to it
PS2: You can always ask non-native speakers to submit their TOEFL scores as part of the membership process, as well.

Hey Hopscotch,I have a good idea, how about you send me that box of beer you still owe me after 18 months?

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:rofl::rofl:. Too much bro!! Too fuckin much :rofl::rofl::rofl:

“My eyes are dim,
I can not see,
I have not brought my specs with me”


The Quartermaster’s Song

There are snakes, snakes, snakes
Big as garden rakes,
At the store! At the store!
There are snakes, snakes, snakes,
Big as garden rakes, at the Quartermaster’s store.

My eyes are dim I can-not see.
I have not got my specs with me.
I have HEY! Not HO! got my specs with me.

There are mice, mice, mice
Running though the rice,
At the store! At the store!
There are mice, mice, mice,
Running through the rice, at the Quartermaster’s store.


Continue with each of the following:
3. lice - living on the mice.
4. rats - big as alley cats.
5. roaches - big as football coaches
6. watches - big as sasquaches
7. snakes - big as garden rakes
8. bears - but no one really cares
9. beavers - with little meat cleavers
10. foxes - stuffed in little boxes

I’ll get to it… and I owe you nothing. You did me a favor and sent me a beer I was looking for. Open.Ended.Trade.

Probably Friday though, because I’m nice. :grin:

It seems like bar/tasting room/tavern lighting make anything from yellow to amber look orange nowadays. They all must have read a study about a certain color of light’s effect on mood or something. I can’t tell the color of a beer when I’m out and about unless I shine my phone’s flashlight through it. Of course, there’s a lot of orange beer out there nowadays too.

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I said orange a bunch then I realized a lot of bar lights make beers look orange, so I said orange amber, golden amber or brown amber. Then I remember mahogany was kind of a color, so I went there instead of dark amber/brown amber. Recently I said fuck it and just called shit orange again.

My wife likes to buy accessories she calls fuscia.

I’ve always liked Teal, fuckin weird I know but it’s just got a cool sound, Teal, ohhhh, Teal. Unfortunately I’m not really too fond of the actual color and a Teal colored beer would be pretty freakin ugly but hey it sounds good, Teal.


Imagine a Teal colored kettle sour



I’m for a celery in each glass with a SRM sticker on it.

I often, in the past, used teal when I wanted to describe something kind of darker than tan, but not quite to light brown, primarily on head.

Not sure why I didn’t react to my “Teal” color when playing Heroes of Might and Magic was kinda turquoise?

Not using it for beer descriptions that often any longer…

Haven’t gone back and edited ratings for it, hope I will just get away with “what an idiot” and some kind of “not native English speaker” with those.

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