Manchester Query

I’ve been doing my research for a Manchester trip. It’s the day before a morninf meeting so not going to overdo it. Tick off my Holts and Hydes Protz 300 ticks and then head off for some craft action. Meeting a mate from home so hoping be won’t slow me down.

Some of the reviews mention this but not all - just wandering which pubs/bars people have been to that serve thirds or flights?

Was thinking of sticking to the Northern Quarter, with possible diversions to the likes of BrewDog or Cafe Beermoth depending on the time. I.e. Port Street, the Blackjack pub, Severn Bro7hers, Bundoggy (whatever that place is called), etc.

honestly cant remember. but i would just ask for 3rd in all bar maybe the Traditional Holts/hydes places. Most staff now understand thats thirds exist. so you no longer get the wierd looks you got a year or two back when you asked for a third.

If thirds dont exist they will tell you :slight_smile:

Psbh and beer moth definitely do

Marble arch should be a must on Manchester visit but think they do halves minimum serve…good spot to plan a food stop

And you mean bundobust yeah also excellent…and remember cloudwater barrel store it open

Cloudwater Barrel Store serve £3 serves from 2/3 pint for the Small and Pales down to 1/3 of DIPAs or rocket fuel.

I think the Smithfield sells third of keg beers, can’t remember tbh. The market next door is also worth looking in. I think the Crown and Kettle may also do thirds.

Pilcrow does thirds I think as well.

A few of the brewery taps do flights or small pours. Alphabet, Track, Runaway and Blackjack all have taprooms open on Saturdays and I think they do thirds.

Too many beers to remember!

I would say Brewdog might be a bit out the way. Personally id stick to NQ / Cafe Beermoth instead. Ply do great pizza and usually have some new Alphabet / Track releases

Cheers for the tips. Unfortunately this will be a Monday so no taps open.


Haha. I thought it was an abreviation. Looks interesting. Although I so like to have a doner pizza in bed whilst on a business trip so will also need recommendations for that:)