Many Beers have Reviews showing / counting in double

Many beers seem to have many reviews showing in double.

For example, this beer Auval Espinay have at least 20 reviews in double (on top showing 124 ratings, 90 reviews, but have 92 reviews in the listings with at least 20 twins)

If I counted correctly, this beer should have 62 unique reviews, according to Reviews only, but if I click on SHOW PRIVATE REVIEWS, the Real Ratings number (124) now seems okay, without any double ratings but some Full Reviews that didn’t appear before now appear just like if they were treated as Quick Ratings/Private Reviews

Same with the Westvleteren 12 XII (on top showing 7278 ratings, 3623 reviews, but have 4188 reviews in the listings with many twins)

The real number of review/ratings seems wrong all over the damn site!

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Still pending as of 2020-05-09
Number of Reviews don’t match

@aww @services @joet