Map sadness

Hi, maybe a UK admin or other knowledgeable person might help? Just added this place:

It’s a new build, and when I put in the address it comes up in a completely different place on the map (North of the city centre).

I tried putting it in as Leiceater - Enderby (it isn’t really in Enderby but that’s the closest place probably) which got it closer but still not really accurately.

Is there anything we can do or should I just note this in the review?

I got the coordinates off Google Maps and protected the place from having them overridden by the address. Should be accurate now?

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Wow, that’s brilliant, thanks. Is that an admin only function or can we mere mortals do it?

Admin only I’m afraid. But I believe premium users are able to edit all the other details like name, address, socials and stuff now.

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Sounds good. This is the first time I’ve had an errant postcode!

N.B. Looks like Everards Brewery itself is still using the old Glenfield address oddly enough (I guess as it is the distribution centre).