Maple and Honey: Flavored?

Are we considering maple and honey to be flavorings for a beer which would result in a style shift (i.e., Porter to Porter - Flavored)? Or are these just different kinds of sugars added to a beer. Same general question with regard to sugarcane.

Flavors are flavors - whether the come from some sort of sugar or not. And there’s:

“Marshmallow is a type of confectionery which is typically made from sugar, water and gelatin whipped to a squishy consistency.”

Certainly a flavor.

Normally, those 2 products are added with the intention of tasting them in the final product, this is why we consider them them in Flavored.

To this point i have followed the logic that sugar (lactose, honey etc.) added are not flavored. In most beers you don’t taste honey (as it is basically sugar). The opposite is true about maple, most of the time you can smell it and taste it.

Honey can very much be tasted in a lot of honey beers that I’ve tried. Depends on the beer really in the end, and whether it’s there as a neutral fermentable or is it there as flavoring - which, depending on the variety, can actually be used pre- or post-fermentation. If it’s there as flavoring, it goes under Flavored - Other.

All in all, there is a large amount of beers in Europe that identify as honey beers and honey is an important part of their flavor profile.

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