March in the Shires

Really impressive list for the CAMRA Leicester Beer Festival:

Cask and KeyKeg, plenty ticks for everyone.



Very tempting. More modestly Nottingham CAMRA has its March stout and porter stroll. 69 pubs involved.

Ah. Thought the “March in the Shires” title referred to some sort of rural protest walk. Possibly protesting against overpriced London hipster beers? :smiling_imp:

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OK everyone; as this thread isn’t getting much added I have decided to ‘change tack’ and anyone can write about their adventures outside of Great London on the monthly ‘Shires’ thread I intend to start.

I’ll start off the adventure story’s:

Saturday 3rd March was supposed to be Wellington (Shropshire) Charter Day, we celebrate the granting of a Royal Charter from 1244 by having a few things going on in town. Sadly because of the weather the actual Charter Day was cancelled, so no Street Performers, no King’s Messenger on his horse, no Morris Men, no Leet Court to re-elect the Town Crier, Clerk of the Market, or Ale Taster (me) and no Historical Event in the library.

However, I decided to still have the official, annual Pub Crawl, and The Game of Scones went ahead first.

At 12:00 I arrived at The Pheasant Inn (Rowton Ales only pub), they had organised a scone baking comp (The Game of Scones) and I was one of the three judges. It was also the venue to start the Pub Crawl. Jim Preston (the owner of the pub and Rowton Ales) was another of the judges and he insisted on giving me free pints of his excellent Ironbridge Gold as we munched through the scones. There were also three other beers I wanted to try while there, which I managed to do with the help of my wife going to the bar on my behalf. I announced the winners in my three cornered hat and cape and then set off with some hardy followers to the second pub of the day.

So 13 Scones and six pints into the day the pub crawl started, next up was a lovely pint of Salopian Oricle in The White Lion

Pub three saw me and all my followers have a well kept pint of Enville White.

Pub four had Wye Valley HPA and Butty Bach, so I had a pint of each!

Fifth and last pub only myself the wife and seven followers made it here, as the weather and alcohol took it’s toll. Hobsons Best being my beer of choice in my ‘regular’.

Great day, sorry no pictures. Hope the above wasn’t too boring for those of you who read it all.

Oh, when I woke in the morning I discovered my ceremonial tankard (and the lanyard that is supposed to secure it to my wrist) was missing: Cock Hotel had it!


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Today I was going to go to Siren (20-30 minutes to drive there, 20 minuts to have three thirds, 20-30 minutes back). However I then couldn’t be bothered so went to the office canteen for fish and chips instead.

Is this the sort of thing you want?


Shire news: Brewdog Reading opens at midday next Friday (16th). One of the first hundred people through the door will win free beer for a year.

Like the look of that Leicester BF list with 5 Rutland rates. Wish I could be there.

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:cake::cake: Yes, love these sort of insights into everyone’s beery antics.


I’m off to Wantage Beer Festival next weekend, deepest rural Oxfordshire, a little easier to get to than Merton but it is a fair bit of travel on train and country bus. There are a fair few Oxfordshire Breweries to try for those who need to build rates from the greatest county.

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In Lincoln this month there is a east v west, bar v bar take over.

Representing the East is the Strait and Narrow bar. They have beers from the following breweries:

  • Atom
  • Beavertown
  • Wylam

Representing the West is the Rogue Saint bar. They have beers from the following breweries:

  • Tiny Rebel
  • Verdant
  • Whiplash
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The Stoneworks in Peterborough have an Abbeydale tap takeover on the 30th March, on their 22 taps.

They say “You know their mainstream beers but be prepared to see a whole other side of this amazing brewery.”

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Look like quite a good selection, and lots of places taking part

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Had an afternoon drinking in Wolverhampton on Friday, really good time. Report and photos will appear here on Monday.


PS. I lied about Monday!

The wife’s out so catching up on Elusive beers and watching low budget 80’s influenced horrors aka film making at its most fun.


A day out in Wolverhampton might not be your first choice when it comes to drinking destinations, but my good lady and I had a lovely afternoon sampling the city’s delights.

First pub we visited was the new Hooded Ram, no idea why a brewery from the Isle of Man would open a pub here, but they have and it very pleasant, two new rates for me too (was hoping for more actually).

Next up was another new comer, Slater’s, a modern pub from the brewery of the same name. Third of a pint tasters on a paddle with a glass of water is the thing to do it here. We had a cask paddle and a craft keg paddle. Anyone from London please note; £3:50 for the cask paddle, £4:50 for the keg, the keg one I ordered even had Beavertown Gamma Ray on it.

Just round the corner we found the Dog and Doublet, a town pub in need of some serious love and investment. Only two cask ales, both dark and new to me, one from Fyne Ales, the other from Bristol Beer. As we sat there by the roaring fire I spied a sign, I asked the question and we had a couple of bottles for old times sake.

Sadly we had to use Duvel glasses.

We then walked a few yards and went into the Edgar Wallace, a Wetherspoon look alike. We walked straight back out again, as there was nothing of interest on tap for us. Across the road however was an interesting looking pub, so we snook in. The Grffard Arms turned out to be a ‘heavy metal’ pub with plenty of interesting stuff within it. Trooper was our cask beer of choice in here, Margie took rest on the throne.

Lych Gate, owned by Black Country Inn was next. Four halves and Black Pudding with Cheese Rolls being the order in here.

The ever dependable, but rather grubby Pasada gave us Wye Valley’s HPA, but what about their new craft beer menu?

Just enough time for a cheap pint in the Wetherspoon before our train, I remember when the Moon Under Water was the Co-Op. Another new rate, so left happy.

We interrupted our journey home by getting off at Albrighton, here they have converted the old railway building into ‘The Platform Ale House’ it’s a lovely place and the locals have supported it very well, two new rates and our train arrives to take us home.

Three new place reviews and fifteen new rates, and a great day out.



I made a big effort to photograph and write my Wolverhampton Crawl, if no one reads it or comments I will not bother again with our next adventure!


I certainly read it, and thanks for posting. Not been to any of the places you went to. Looking forward to your next trip.

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Read it, liked it, more please!

Very jealous that your missus likes beer. My wife won’t go near it… although that does have the advantage that she can always drive me home.

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Cheers chaps,

I was just frustrated that no one seemed to have read it.


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I read it. And like whereisthepath was also jealous!

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Consider that envy squared. Rarely get a beer trip and have a wife who neither drinks nor drives. But your post should be on the tourism website!

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