Mass changing of beer names (Main Street Brewing in Vancouver)

The local Vancouver admins recently noticed a change to one of our breweries: Main Street Brewing. It appears someone changed the name of the brewery to “Main St. Brewing” and then implemented a mass change to all the beer names accordingly. Due to this, none of the beers indicate who the admin was who did this – though @Viper666.Qc shows up as having edited the associated place, “Main St. Brewing”)

Was this something done by @services, @joet? Or is this some other admin who decided to make this move?

By the way, this is a really stupid change (searching for “Main Street Brewing” now does not bring up the brewery in the search), and we resent having others infringe on our local territory to change names, especially without informing us. What’s going on?


The change was originally done by @Viper666.Qc as indicated by the edit of the associated place. However there was an issue with the mass change of the beer names. Which I was requested to help fix.

I’ve since reverted the name change of all the beers as requested.

Going forward if there is uncertainty from an Admin about a name change, could they please post it in the relevant forum to get an agreement from others in their local group before the change occurs.

Services @ RateBeer

Thank you for reverting the change. I had already privately asked @Viper666.Qc to stop editing beers in our region, which he agreed to, so I don’t get it.


I was trying to reflect the fact that the exact terms on the brewer logo and beer labels are now MAIN ST. and searching for those exact terms return no result.

However I’ll admit it’s not better if the website don’t find the brewer and beers when we search MAIN STREET either so that wasn’t an improvement at all, my mistake.

Could editing the Brewer name to MAIN STREET BREWING (MAIN ST. CANADA) be a solution @mcberko ? (even if it won’t change the problem for beer result between St. vs Street)

(as for beer editing, I did agree with you, I’ll let you guys verify everything, even the ones I enter)

There’s not a whole lot of consistency on their marketing. Their cans and website say “Main St.”, but on all their social media platforms, it’s “Main Street”. I don’t think it’s a complete rebranding. Many breweries do this, and I don’t think there’s a need to put multiple variants of the brewery names in their title, especially if one is just a short-form. Searching “Main St” or “Main St Brewing” will still come up in the search, so I think it’s fine as is.

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