Mbcc 2021

New breweries announced today so I think MBCC is (finally) gonna happen this October.

Pink ticket and plan to go wed-mon.

See you there?



Pretty impressive brewery list despite of covid… Gold ticket in my pocket!



Yup. Awesome.

I added the event to the calendar. Hope to meet many Ratebeerians there.


Looking forward to it. Had the gold ticket far too long now.


First confirmed events at BRUS • RateBeer:

Wednesday 20/10 Burnt Mill Brewing TTO | Facebook

Thursday 21/10 TO ØL 11TH BIRTHDAY PARTY | Facebook

Sunday 24/10 North Brewing Co. TTO & Hangover Brunch | Facebook


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And now, MBCC confirmed events:

Monday 𝟭𝟴/𝟭𝟬
Resident Culture Bottle Release at Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop
Fair State Bottle Release at The Social Beer Shop
Verdant TTO at Mikkeller & Friends

Tuesday 𝟭𝟵/𝟭𝟬
Eighth State/Foam Bottle Release at Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop
Moksa Bottle Release at The Social Beer Shop
Ten Hands TTO at Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade
Foam TTO at Mikkeller & Friends

Wednesday 𝟮𝟬/𝟭𝟬
Benchtop Bottle Release at Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop
Ology Bottle Release at The Social Beer Shop
Finback/Cerebral TTO at Mikkeller Baghaven
Fair State Lager Party TTO at Mikkeller & Friends
Great Notion TTO at Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

Thursday 𝟮𝟭/𝟭𝟬
Fremont Bottle Release at Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop
The Veil Bottle Release at The Social Beer Shop
Moksa TTO at Mikkeller & Friends
Eighth State/Omnipollo TTO at Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

Sunday 𝟮𝟰/𝟭𝟬
Cerebral Bottle Release at Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop
3 Sons Bottle Release at The Social Beer Shop


New confirmed event, this time at Himmeriget | Copenhagen, Denmark

Tuesday 19/10


Wednesday 20/10


Lookin’ good.

Craft beer world is on fire:

Out of 112 signups, there have been 44 dropouts, 29 of whom have made statements. 68 remain in attendance.


Not being following too closely as not attending … what have Mikkeller done in terms of compensation for the fact almost 40% of brewers have pulled out ?

Well, nothing of course - it’s Mikkeller.


Kind of expected that !

I have one similar experience …

At the ‘lower profile’ Beavertown Extravaganza 2 (2018 IIRC) … around a similar amount pulled out due to Beavertowns recent acquisition by Heineken.

You could get a full refund or still attend and they refunded you approx 30% of the entry fee.

Plus they filled up the empty slots with ‘C’ list brewers, largely from the UK, but still some Ok ticks and certainly enough so that nothing ran out.

This time I have a suspicion all beers are already in DK and will be poured regardless if the breweries are present or not (re: Cycle Brewings statement). In that case I guess the question is if they get enough volunteers signing up to fill the gap the brewery people are leaving.

yes … I thought that could be the case re: beers all in position

But some brewers told Mikkeller to not pour their beer. Im expecting some statement from Mikkeller HQ in the next hours…lets see

MBCC Code of Conduct can be read at their website:

And an updated list of breweries on their facebook site:

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Also 25% discount during the weekend on all Mikkeller venues for ticket holders or you can get a full refund if you’d like that instead.

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Hope to see you there. Shoot me a PM if you want to meet for a few drinks.


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Jon who adds that great app each year that links to untappd has posted via FB the beer list earlier today, still subject to change over next few days he says, but so far 465 beers added…



Curious what the atmosphere was like this year. Was there much talk / discussion about all the furore on social media / less attendees… or was it generally as normal?

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As normal as possible. Everyone ticking beers as soon as possible and queuing for 3 Sons. Didnt even notice where “safe space” was…
Ruse IPAs were phenomenal and Forager/Transient had lots of great stuff.