MBCC Copenhagen 2023

If any of my UK friends feels like jumping on a plane and coming to Copenhagen for the weekend, I might be able to offer you a free Gold ticket.

The one and only condition is that I need to keep the free bottle that comes with the ticket!

Let me know if anyone is interested.

Cheers John

All a bit short notice.com for me

Heathrow flights around the £275 mark … I’m used to paying £125

Realise the cost of the ticket soaks that up … but can’t swing work etc at this late stage

All flights seem pretty outrageous right now. I normally pay around 175 and the first price I was quoted this year by KLM was 600! I only managed to get it down to something reasonable by coming a day later, staying two days longer and having a five hour layover in Amsterdam both ways! I guess this is the new normal :frowning: