Mcberko new top rater of the Great North!

Hear, hear!
As of now, after years eating dirt, mcberko passed fiulijn to become the top rater of Canada.
And he’s not going to stop… what next?

Cheers mate, for all the good beers shared together

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Thanks buddy! I wonder how many we’ve done together at this point

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Cheers Matt.


Cheers from Finland! It was nice to meet surprisingly in Tampere two months ago. Hopefully I will be someday able to visit exciting Seattle/Vancouver beer scene.


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Cheers to the most powerful! Let’s see how long @mcberko hangs on to the top Washington State spot

Well done! I can’t keep up with you hardcore anymore :wink:

Let’s see if he can make a run at top rater of the year

Woohoo, gratz!

He’s raking the US East coast for one month, right now; so yes, he has a chance to make it.

My Liver Congrats you!