MD/DE tasting

I’m trying folks, trying to keep some semblance of the old RB community. I was able to wrangle @sloth and @GMCC2181 to agree to come over my place (Havre de Grace) on Saturday Feb 24th for a tasting. Starting in the afternoon.

I highly doubt I can convince any DC folks to come up but please do if you are willing. Could be a fun beer trip and hit up breweries along the way. I have room to crash if people need to (wife and kid are traveling that weekend).

I hope @maniac sees this b/c he and @books_n_brews are the most active and next closest RBians.

Random raters that are/were active, in case you are interested in coming to a tasting:
@mrchopin @altonbrownd

I’m supposed to be on a work trip. But if it falls through, I’ll let you


Betsy Schow
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any word from @maniac ?

I’d definitely make the effort, but I’m going to be out of town this time.

I’ll try to make it next time, my calendar gets a little wonky, but I’m free at least two weekends a month through May.

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Sorry - slow to respond - as with @books_n_brews i may be out, but not certain yet. Currently at Belgian Beer Fest if you find yourself in the city.

keep me updated if you can make it. wish I could get to Bmore this weekend but family is vising.

one last bump. At the moment, its me, sloth, and GMC.

@maniac @books_n_brews

Sorry. @maniac and I will be in Rehoboth for my work. Grr. So lame because otherwise we woukd definitely be in.

Damn, I’m in DC, then taking the train to Philly, Wish I’d known sooner…will probably be at the Flyers game

If it doesn’t work out, I don’t live far from Philly.

Thanks Eugene! Good to finally meet you and share a few brews. Sorry for leaving you with a mess!

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Thanks Eugene! Good times

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