Mead is Going Hollywood

If you thought that craft beer has jumped the shark, look what’s happening now.

drinking mead in Brooklyn made by a current-actor-former-Disney-star who hates Nazis might be the most 2018 thing I’ve ever done

Has craft beer become irrelevant?

Is this the most significant way to define somebody? :thinking:

Who’s Dylan Sprouse?


Former child actors aren’t allowed to enjoy the same things I enjoy!

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Is this on RB yet???

Maybe Dylan Sprouse is the millennial who is killing beer with his phone and his mead!
We didn’t see that coming…


Is it autumnal?

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Check out their insta and the product sucks.

Mead also has spiritual importance to Sprouse: he identifies as a Heathen, a form of Norse Paganism, and says the decision to relate the brewery to his spirituality was “very poignant.” Both the name and symbol for the brewery come from Heathenry, and according to Sprouse, he doesn’t relegate his religion to one tiny part of his life “For me, and for many Heathens…I don’t think you ever really divorce yourself from your spirituality, what you are is your spirituality, and a lot of the times the things that I do are spiritual in nature just because I’m doing them.”

Enterobacter infection detected!

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