Mead - why only one style?

Just wonder? Why do we have 12 different styles of sake and only 1 mead? Some meads tastes pure honey others more like sweet fruit wine. All kind of colors too. Why not split in “Mead” and “Mead - Fruited” ? We already have Lambic - Fruited, what’s the difference?

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I recall there being several styles of mead in the proposed style overhaul which was supposed to happen late September.

There was even a discussion about adding mead and cider styles:

Yep, as @YantarCoast says, several mead styles will be added ‘soon’.

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So, then it’s just to wait and see…

Yes, it’s in process as we speak. No set release date but I would venture to say it will be live by the end of the month barring no major hiccups. But there are definitely some half dozen or so substyles for Mead expected.