Meet Jesse, our RateBeer UX person in Seattle late Feb

I’m looking for a handful of people (as few as 5, preferably active raters) to join us in Seattle for a bottle share and to chat with Jesse, our UX guy. Feb 23 or 24 are the dates I’m targeting but I can shift those depending on your availability.

Thanks a bunch for coming down to Beaverton last time, and Doug for hosting! That was an epic tasting.

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I can probably do this. Obviously Saturday is a bit better - the best I can do on the 23rd is like 8pm

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I’m in for sure!

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I’m actually out, sorry.

I forgot that’s the same weekend as the Hopwired Festival, for which I already have tickets. I think most of us in Vancouver are going to Hopwired, actually.

I’m sure @luttonm would be happy to join us as well. If he doesn’t see this, I can ask him if those days work.

With the exclusion of retired raters, obviously

@joet I talked with Matt (luttonm) and looks like he is free to join us as well.

Let’s do it the evening of the 23rd?

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I am in – I’ll leave it to Andrew to schedule it though and remind me :wink:

So this is coming up next Friday. I’ll be staying in Seattle and will use a hotel room for the tasting. I’ll provide details soon about this. Thanks everyone for coming out! It’s gonna be great to see and meet you. These meet ups are always great for RateBeer too.

We have a small war chest for making things awesome on the site and app and having key team members meet actual users is invaluable and ultimately the right way to do this.

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OK we are all set!

i’ll start a meet and greet at Fremont brewing company at 6.30 pm (I’ll be there earlier) and we’ll stay there until 8.00 pm. People can elect to head out then to Hotel Max for a bottle share, or we can keep it simple and tick area brewpubs as a group.

What would you like to do?

  • Tick brewpubs
  • Hotel bottle share

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Of course I’m happy to do either, but I do love brew hopping and showing off our breweries in the area. I’ll plan on heading down to Fremont after work. Should get there around 5:30 or so.

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@fiulijn @Oakes will you be able to make it? anyone else? @douglas88 ?

No, most of us are at a festival that day. Can’t speak for Alex, though.

Also going on this weekend, if anyone is staying an extra day, is Brouwer’s Cafe’s annual Hard Liver Barleywine festival. I added the event to the site, and it’s a great time every year. I’ll be there on Saturday night at some point.

Sorry. I can’t make it

If it’s just Andrew and I, I may need to reschedule. Please let me know here if you plan on showing up.

@luttonm you in?

I currently don’t even have a valid passport, I shall consider myself Canadian asylum seeker…

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