Meet up in Derby?

Thought it might be an idea to have a separate thread for a possible Derby RB Meet.

Normally on these sorts of trips, I visit 8-10 pubs have one drink (1/2 pint usually) in each. I start around midday (most pubs don’t open until then) and take lunch in on the way. In Derby I usually take the bus out ot the furthest decent pub, and work my way back to the station. I get there when I get there – once it took me and a friend 2 hours to get from the Alexandra back to the station !

I think it’s probably not a good idea to combine it with a tasting / swap session, for the following reasons

  • Time spent tasting in one venue means less time to visit other places – and there are far too many for one day already.
  • Social distancing means less space available – pubs will want to prioritise people who will drink THEIR beer !
  • Although I can think of places that might accommodate us, they either aren’t in a convenient location, or I don’t have contacts with the management, or aren’t worth visiting otherwise.

Assuming lockdown restrictions are eased in a similar manner to last time, there will probably initially be limitations of the number of people in a group / bubble. Some places may also not reopen straightaway – maybe some not at all. [ Though almost everywhere did reopen last time ]

I will post in this thread again once it looks like a trip is becoming possible. Suggestions of itineraries (either places or breweries you want to track down) are welcome. It will almost certainly have to be a Saturday. Some (major) places aren’t open weekday daytimes, and there are no trains from Crewe to Derby on Sundays.

In the meantime, I have noted that the following peoplle have expressed an interest



Please put me down as a maybe, It’ll be nice to meet some of the users from these ol’ forums.

I knew Derby was was going to be do-able by train but its actually only 1hr 15 mins from house to centre of Derby which is a nice surprise.

If there are number restrictions then I’m fine to drop out if needed. I’d rather that than you guys having to wait several more months until restrictions are eased further. No doubt there will be other meets.

it’s a maybe from me - I really should do Derby more seeing as it’s only half hour away (though an eye-watering £12 for such a short journey). Subject to actually being able to do anything meaningful i.e. not have to book into pubs, not being banned from sitting with our own shadow, etc

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Lets hope for easing up of restrictions (not sure that will come easily to this government though). I’m certainly up for it but it will be very much date dependent, the caravan will be loaded up and ready to go when restrictions are lifted. I’m good for just a pub crawl. It’s around a 2 hour trip for me from here, so last train home might come into play.

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If available I would love to come along, tasting or no tasting.

It’s not a difficult rail journey for me (one change in Brum I think).


If I remember correctly it’s just under £12 from Leicester to Derby. And you know the prices will go up post-COVID. Still, count me as a maybe.

Almost 3 hour train ride for me, if hospitality is open I might have to come up early and stay. If the dates in future work I’m in.

I can do the journey in four buses; takes a while, but it would be free with me bus pass!


You never quite know with this shambolic government, but I’d guess if pubs are open to the extent people are allowed to meet in them then hotels will be open too

Maybe not that shambolic … at least I may get vaccinated by the summer unlike folks my age in European countries


Extra expressions of interest noted. I won’t be doing anything until any requirement for a “substantial meal” is dropped. Though having said that the Alexandra used to do a large rnage of scotch eggs !

You old fossil :wink: I’m expecting mine in about 2023 seeing as I’m young and healthy (stop sniggering)

I think pub crawls are out while there’s the meal requirements, for practical and financial reasons. Which TBF is kinda the point of the requirement, misguided as it may be

Would be about £75 for me but at least I won’t be buying a ticket for the football I don’t use as per my previous trip to Derby.

When I went up there last time the last train we could catch to get back home was about 8:30.

£75? You need to consult Bois travel.

An advance single pre lockdown from Marylebone to Birmingham was £5.50

Shop about

May take an hour longer but will open up a few more ticking opportunities en route

Don’t just stick in Farnborough - Derby FFS !!!

Birmingham - Derby can’t be any more than £10-15 for a day return so you should be doing this journey for around half of what you quoted !!

The quickest of searches on the National Rail app shows an Advanced Ticket at £38. As Cloin says, shop around.

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That was just a quick search. However if thing takes long than the Full Three Minutes then I get bored and wander off.

Touch base nearer the time … EMT out of St Pancras direct to Derby has never been a generous TOC in terms of cheap fares on useful trains.

If you fancy the Chiltern route we can coordinate trains and share a few on the way and maybe a couple in Birmingham on the way home time dependant.

Looking at it, I might stay somewhere on the route anyways based on the rules and when it happens. Didn’t care about price of tickets right now since it was quick search. If there some thing MrsSHIG wants to see in that area I might drive/stay. It will all be based on when this ends up happening.