Meet up in Derby?

Same … I’d be up for an overnight visit also … maybe Sheffield night before then Derby in good time … or anywhere else within an hour

Sheffield? Never heard of it

You could stay in Brum and cheer up @RichTheVillan a bit.


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The Derby Festival 2021 will begin on Friday 4th June at Epsom Downs Racecourse , with the first event being the popular Ladies’ Day, where highly fashionable men and women compete in the Style Awards. Epsom Derby Day date is Saturday 5th June .

This would be an ideal time to visit Derby, as all the locals will be down at Epsom!



Lockdown must be getting to my wife because we were just discussing trips during the year and when I mentioned Derby she said, “Maybe we’ll all go.”

I am less keen because when we went to Portsmouth in September I got a text at 21:00 telling me the boy was intending to stay awake until I went back to the hotel.

This was a reply to @BeardedAvenger…where is the broken heart button for your post. I kiddingly mentioned it to my wife and she like, nothing of interest there for me. YEAH 4 ME!

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What IS she interested in ? Other activities can always be catered for …

No it’s a good thing, I’d rather fly solo!

I will have to mention it to the other half at exactly the right opportune time for her to say “Oh you go, don’t worry about me”. Sometimes this gets nerve-wrackingly close to the date.


I got a friend in trouble when I asked his wife if she was looking forward to peace and quiet the next day. He was planning on telling here the following morning that he had the day off to go on a pub crawl.

However one if his mates only tells his wife he’s watching Newcastle play in another country when he’s arrived in said country. Apparently it saves her getting the hump beforehand.

My wife has three different sets of women she has weekends away with (or did before this Covid malarkey). So little beer trips for me are not an issue, although the RateBeer Summer Gathering in Barcelona a few years back didn’t go down too well.


I was once on a lads trip to Lille when I got a call. All went well till a barmaid shouted in French. Cold shoulder for a week :grinning:

Hi Folks,

I think it’s time to start firming this up. And I’m going to be unilateral with the date – it’s going to be Saturday June 5th. I want to wait a couple of weeks after indoor reopening, for things to settle down, and this is the only Saturday I can make before the Euro “football” starts.

Bubble Group restrictions mean I’m going to restrict it to 4 people (plus your friendly neighbourhood guide), So the first four to definitely confirm for this date will be given priority, but preference is given to people who have already expressed an interest (9 so far).

It will be a pub crawl rather than a beer swap / tasting session. And it will be mainly geared towards cask beer, as the major craft beer venue (Suds and Soda) has not reopened fully since Lockdown 1. But don’t worry, you should get plenty of ticks – it is rare for me to visit Derby without having to add at least one beer to the RateBeer database !

So just to recap

Location : Derby
Date : Saturday June 5th
Starting Time : around 12
Finish Time : around 6pm (by the station)
Venues Visited : 6-8, with 1 or 2 beers in each (more if you share)
Food : a lunch stop will be provided
Itinerary : wil be based on your preferences. Everyone who confirms will be asked to fill out a “questionnaire” and I will use that to try and please as many of you as possible.

Start and Finish times are to enable people from a distance to make it a day trip.

This trip will go ahead even if there is only one person who can make it. If you find it is fully booked, or can’t make this date then don’t worry – I am happy to repeat it at a later date.

Looking forward to meeting people !

Just going for a date is the best way … I’ve seen too much messing about with dates on here before … voting from 3 then people who voted for a date and steering it that way not showing up or ducking out.

It will be a no from me as have family over that weekend but likely I’ll sort another trip to derby at some point as already discussed this with @shig for potential room share on an overnight.

Will post up when we sort this if anyone wants to join or can’t make yours etc.

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I’m going to say no for that date - I rather laughably have flights booked that weekend, as things stand i won’t be on them, but if I am I don’t want to deny someone else a spot and not turn up

bear in mind that theoretically by the end of june larger groups should be allowed, so fingers crossed we can do a bigger meet in the summer

I agree with @Theydon_Bois that throwing a date out has worked more in my experience. Unfortunately, I am booked up as restrictions have lifted. Lots of Family adventures that I have posted in other threads. I’m sure I’ll get out to future events.

Can’t do that date either. Meeting friends in London.

(As soon as we’d had our jabs my wife booked a load of stuff - if I don’t get around to booking some beer stuff in it’ll be Nation Trust gardens every weekend until 2026😆)

You’ve chosen a cracking date Martin, cos I can’t come either!

That weekend is when I visit my parents for the first time since Feb last year, can’t change that, sorry.


Well, I am okay for that date as it happens. I will check to see whether it is doable for me, so at the moment if others come along then I will step aside. Presuming that if we are over subscribed then a second group can form.

Well I’m glad to see at least one person can make it !

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