Meinklang Fusion cider

Today I sampled Meinklang Fusion, which is a fusion between a cider and a white wine. However, it tastes mostly of sour apples, which I assume is the main ingredient. If it is to be allowed at RateBeer as a cider (what do the DACH admins say?) we need to add Meinklang as a cidery (they are otherwise a winery). There are also a couple Meinklang beers in the database, but they are brewed for Meinklang at an ordinary brewery, which probably is not involved in cider production.

I would say if it seems reasonable that about half the alcohol is from the cider go ahead and add it.

I would say the same - even if half of the ingredients are apples / cider, then it is ok for us here. We can probably ask them for a percentage to make sure…

I have added them - they also have an ordinary cider, Foam. (The names may vary a bit between the export markets and the home market, might need an alias or two.)