Melomels? Ratebale or no

Why are some Melomels ratebale in database and others not? who determines?

I drank bottle of this and found delicious and would love to rate it so

here is a bunch that are rateable

I think it’s something like: if more than 50% of the fermentable sugars came from honey and it was grape/berry/fruit juice, not wine, that was blended with the honey, it’s rateable.

We have tons of melomels that are rateable, basically ANY Superstition or Schramm’s.

@fiulijn should know the details.

Here is description from website of what I had

A melomel made of Aronia Berry, blueberry and cranberry with locally produced Florida honey.
14% Alc. by Vol.

Sadly the brewers don’t seem to share their process. Figuring out the 50% thing for every melomel that isn’t explained on the web is likely a time consuming activity.

so we just default to “unrateable”? seems we’d be better served to go in other direction. Id rather have a more inclusive database than the opposite.

I would agree with that. You can always remove entries later.

Especially now that we have included many things that are technically unrateable (such as Mikkel’s SpontanHexadrupelBlueberry and other blueberry wines disguised as beers)


Ah, I just tried to find out who made it unrateable.

There is an admin comment saying “Not commercially licensed or open yet, as of 8/16/16”. That explains it.

But now it has obviously been released (they sell it at their website), so it can be rated. I have made it rateable now, @Jow.

@Homer321 maybe it’s time to investigate about fruit contents, but I am sure that honey contains so much sugar that it’s rateable, like any other melomel that we have on the site.

sweet thanks man, there is a lot of meads listed as unratebale for this meadery I wonder if for the same reason. they are definitely open I walked in and bought the bottle and if i had more time could’ve drank like 5 or 6 they had on draft.

indeed; it’s all the older additions that are unrateable, and many of them have the “not commercially licensed or open yet, as of 8/16/16” as a comment. We should probably make that comment public, such that people can tell us if any of these early meads are produced again.

What has been said is correct, indeed.

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@sinh4 I had marked them unrateable when another person had added all of their meads before they opened. I think now that they have been open a year, most of their meads should be considered rateable. There may be a few that they have not made as a “commercial” meadery yet, though.

exactly my point. We should find that out or add a public comment in the description that if this is remade, people should tell us that we can make it rateable.

I can clean this up in a week or so when I get back to a computer and am not on my phone. Mobile website is a touch difficult to see which are marked as unrateable.

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@sinh4, I believe I have now cleaned everything Garagiste up. I added about six meads and added comments to the ones that are still unrateable. Mainly, those were homebrewed meads and haven’t seen commercial production in their first year.

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awesome, thanks a lot!

Thanks Homer glad I started this thread. Now I need another reason to head to Tampa so I can try more.