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Mexico City Meet Up?

I am coming to Mexico City in August for vacation and wanted to know if there were raters there who wanted to link up for an evening bottle share?

Check with those RB’s: https://www.ratebeer.com/Users/TopCountryRaters.asp?CountryID=133&Letter=Mhttps://www.ratebeer.com/Users/TopCountryRaters.asp?CountryID=133&Letter=M

Hi, How long you’re gonna stay in Mexico? I have the plan to visit Mexico next week(Sep 3rd) I’m in Cairo, Egypt right now has a few meetings left to attend. To hang out with locals or foreigners I used withlocals.com. I actually got a list you might check https://travelsites.com/homeaway/ where you can find local tour details and meet some new buds. If you’ll be in Mexico till next week lemme know here’s my FB ID nathandev. Hope to meet soon :upside_down_face:

Any updates on this one ?

Well… you missed me by about 370 days…

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