Miami Recommendations

My wife and I will be staying in the Wynwood area of Miami for 4 days in March and we’re looking for advice.

We put together our usual BA/RB list of beer destinations (below) in prep for our visit and it looks like there’s a number of good options.

Just wondering which spots are “musts,” which ones we could maybe pass up, and whether there are any spots not listed below that are worth hitting up. Your help is much appreciated. Cheers!

Breweries / Brewpubs
J. Wakefield Brewing – 120 NW 24th Street, Miami – BA: 88 / RB: 94 / CS: 91
M.I.A. Beer Company – 10400 NW 33rd Street #150, Doral – BA: 87 / RB: 87 / CS: 87
Abbey Brewing – 1115 16th Street, Miami Beach – BA: 84 / RB: 83 / CS: 84
Wynwood Brewing – 565 NW 24th Street, Miami – BA: 81 / RB: 84 / CS: 83
Lincoln’s Beard Brewing – 7360 SW 41st Street, Miami – BA: 83 / RB: 74 / CS: 79
Concrete Beach Brewery – 325 NW 24th Street, Miami – BA: 80 / RB: 76 / CS: 78

Bars / Eateries
Kush Wynwood – 2003 North Miami Avenue, Miami – BA: 94 / RB: 87 / CS: 91
Boxelder – 2825 NW 2nd Avenue, Unit C, Miami – BA: 90 / RB: 76 / CS: 83
Yard House – 1681 Lenox Avenue, Miami Beach – BA: 80 / RB: 86 / CS: 83
LoKal Burgers & Beer – 3190 Commodore Plaza, Miami – BA: 91 / RB: 73 / CS: 82
The Mighty – 2224 SW 22nd Street, Miami – BA: 84 / RB: 73 / CS: 79

Sunset Corners – 8701 SW 72nd Street, Miami – BA: 85 / RB: 85 / CS: 85
Whole Foods Market – 1020 Alton Road, Miami Beach – BA: 83 / RB: N/A / CS: 83
Total Wine & More – 8851 SW 136th Street, Miami – BA: 88 / RB: 74 / CS: 81

I was in Miami for work about… 3(?) years ago, so a lots probably changed.

That said, Wynwood is probably the best neighborhood beer wise, and it’s where I spent pretty much all of my time (I didn’t have a car and didn’t want to pay for ubers). J Wakefield is great, though when I was there they were literally just opening. Wynwood Brewing is a decent hangout with decent beers. Worth stopping in. Kush has awesome food, and an ok beer list. If you go plan to have a meal there. There’s also a place called The Butcher Shop that has a decent selection of local beers and pretty good food. The other two breweries on the RB map in the neighborhood didn’t exist when I was there.

I will be going to Miami in April, so would appreciate a follow up post if any new places are added to the list.

I echo what blipp says. JWB and Kush are “cant miss”
You can skip Abbey. They don’t brew their beers there, and last I checked, they only had three or four on draft.
Concrete Beach isn’t bad and is close to JWB and Wynwood.

Thanks everyone. We’re staying in Wynwood so the plan is to hit all of the local bars/breweries there and maybe a few other spots if we have time. Veza Sur was recommended on another forum. It’s in the Wynwood area and has good reviews so we’re thinking of heading there as well. Appreciate the tip about Abbey - we’ll spend our time elsewhere. Cheers

I need to quickly hijack this thread for a question, sorry :wink:

A friend of mine (non-beer-drinker) is going to Miami and surroundings in April and he is willing to bring me back some beers. So whats the best place to send a non-beer-guy where he gets great beers without any big circumstances? Thanks in advance! Cheers

I just arrived in Miami and am going to see if anyone has any recommendations not heretofor mentioned. Also does anyone know of any country ticks to be had in Miami or its surroundings environs. I got most of South America and the easy Carribean already, so wondering if anyone can let me know.

I recall reading that Kalik and Kalik Gold (Bahamas) are available there.