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Michael Jackson's Great Beer Guide

How many have you rated?

@219 myself. Never knew the tag was actually there, but wouldn’t have chased the beers if I had.



201 for me. I created the tag a few years back and was hunting the beers for quite a while but more and more beers get retired and are harder to find as they get replaced in the shelves by all the new beers. Not really looking for them atm but will buy one of them if I see a new one. There are still a few I could buy via web shops but I want to try them in a relatively good condition. E.g. Poperings Hommelbier is easy to get for me but it might be a shelf turd so that if I mailorder it it could be really old. Hope to find it somewhere in NL in good condition when travelling becomes an option again.

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I’ve got 150 only. Seems like a lot of my missing ones are British ones you don’t see much in N America, or retired beers. Then again I realized I need to check up on most common beers I’ve somehow missed.
Ones I see all the time like this:

84 for me.

I do not rate beer, but this made me curious! I scrolled through the list and reckon I have tried at least 190, maybe a couple more…

A modest 67 here. Though it would’ve been at least 100. Truth be told, I think with the local selections available and an overwhelming amount of constantly new beers that many on this list are going to slide into oblivion. I certainly don’t seek them out.

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246! Thanks for putting this in place. I’d never ever try to go through my book and figure this out.

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75 for me. Very interesting. Can’t help feeling there’s a few I’ve not rated in there and not bothered to try again. Also never imagined Banks did a beer called Ultimate Curry Beer. Have always made a point to school myself regularly on the ‘classics’… Seems I’ve still got a long way to go!

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I rated the Banks’s UCB (Ultimate Curry Beer) fairly highly, it was in 2012 though.


This is the guide or bible that’s still on my beer shelf that really inspired me into craft beer, tracking a number down visiting breweries in the Pacific North-West & New Zealand in 2002/03, but found in recent years a lot have been discontinued. Latest count was 111


I was activity looking for them up until a few years ago, got difficult partly due to many now being retired. Got to 262, though.


I think Michael Jackson got a lot of us (and people in general) into trying new/different beers, he certainly had a huge impact on my drinking.



Missing Rasputin, surprisingly JW Lees Harvest Ale, Edmund Fitzgerald, Vigneronne, Sam Smith’s Imperial Stout, Southampton Saison, old Courage RIS, Peconic County Reserve Ale, Ommegang Abbey Ale, Quelque Chose and Big Time Old Wooly out of the top 50.

Not bad considering I’m @ 161 / 500.


A massive 12 for me (on RB)! Looking down the list, there’s a fair few I’ve had but not rated, but plenty more I’ve never even heard of, never mind seen in the wild. Not a list I’ll be chasing, but one I think I’ll be keeping an eye on for curiosities sake

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  1. I got this book around 20 years ago and I remember thinking at that time how great it would be if I could actually try 500 different beers.

for me, it wil be 190


I have 101.


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I have 38 of these but never had the book so not been actively looking. It looks a right mixed bag by todays eyes but I do wonder whether some of these beers were better back in the day like Bass and Mann’s Brown Ale.

The list only goes up to 482 of which 99 are now retired if I’ve counted right.


Yeah, that’s a real question. People are still chasing Bass on cask and wondering whether it might have found someone who loves it to brew it right. But it’s languished a long time: I had it in English and Welsh pubs in the late 80s and it was undistinguished. But at some stage it must have been really something.

I’m at 163 on this list, BTW. Some good beers, some niche beers and some forgotten ones.

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