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Mid-Year Check In

What’s the best beer you’ve had so far this year?

Mine was this one from last weekend - https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/humble-sea-arr2-d2/933744/65375/

I get a lot from this brewery and rate them pretty well, but this one seriously stood out.


My highest rated beer this year was this:


from my local brewery, who knock out some fabulous beers

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Highest scoring beers so far are 4.1 with this one being my favourite: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/van-moll-tanker-shadow-assassin-early-times-bourbon-ba/825192/97853/



These two, at 4.4. Wow.



I’ve also had a few 4.1s this year. The one that stands out and is representative of my lager themed 2021 https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/schilling-landbier-dunkel/811262/

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Evidently this espresso stout from Va.
I gave it a 3.9.

I’ve been going after the huge number of Chicago suburb breweries, particularly the northern ones.

Phase 3 is killing it with hazy IPAs, a played out style for sure, but they are really making superb examples. Great Mouthfeel. Pixel Density is like an improved upon Pseudo Sue. Their lagers are rather mediocre though.

Roaring Table is capable of doing traditional stuff well…I was pretty much on board when I saw the hand pump cask. I haven’t had any of their IPA or flavored/sour stuff because there was more appealing stuff on the menu.

Less and less connected to national or international beer, I can’t remember the last good new to me Belgian beer I have had.

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Looks like this is my top so far, been sticking to mostly local spots lately, so no surprise it was a NJ beer:

Went to Elusive’s tap during their 5th birthday weekend and as I was driving I asked if I could get a growler of this beer which was a tap room exclusive. However they explained that it had turned out extremely lively so they decided to only have it available in glasses at the tap. Currently they’re only selling halves so I bought a half and then just had a sample of it. But it was glorious, which in my world is 4.3;



4.8 for this one, lovely stuff.

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I’ve had several delicious beers. It was fun to scan back through and salivate.

The winner (4.4) for the year so far was had at a share, https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/weldwerks-pbj-tawny-port-medianoche/908598/

Not far behind (4.3) was https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/jester-king-el-regalo-del-comal/892021/

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Well the best new beer I’ve had this year is tihs one https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/north-riding-tiramisu-porter/533619/351366/ which I rated 4.3 - absolutely gorgeous.

Mind you I’ve also drunk Siren Broken Dream and Salopian Polygraph this year - both of which I previously rated as 4.5

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Firestone Walker 24

The best beer was a mead;)


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