Migration time for old RateBeer app

Thanks for your feedback on the state of the legacy mobile app. I’ve talked to the crew and we’ve created a few days time for users to migrate their ratings from the old unsupported RateBeer mobile app to their online account. This would also be the perfect time for users to process any remaining offline ratings.

The time we’ve slated for this event is here:

Melbourne time: Mon 9th Sept midday - Wed 11th Sept midday
Berlin time: Mon 9th Sept 4am - Wed 11th Sept 4am
New York time: Sun 8th Sept 10pm - Tues 10th Sept 10pm
Los Angeles time: Sun 8th Sept 7pm - Tues 10th Sept 10pm

During this time, we’re turning on API key that seems to be disrupting the use of the mobile app… Please let me know if have any questions.




Thanks Joe for listening.

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When is the new app getting the offline functionality that all the users are using the old, unsupported app for?

Is the new app getting said functionality at all? Without it, some highly active raters will be leaving the site apparently.

It’s definitely high on our “things to add” list. It will definitely be added at some point.

Let’s hope they return when it’s finally introduced then. :slight_smile:

ive waited over 18 months for it, and i was happy muddling by with Eric app, but totally turning off erics app without a replacement leave me with no viable options. Which is really depressing

Thanks @joet this is very much appreciated. I’ll try to scoop plenty of beers through the app during those two days to give Eric’s app the send off it deserves.

Now let’s just hope that people who still use this but don’t read the boards, regularly or at all, will get to see this. And that they manage to get the ratings through on time. And not leave in anger.

This will be potentially destroying a lot of effort and money people have put into their rates, and it’s not the users’ fault for “insisting on using an unofficial app”, but the devs’ fault for not introducing a much sought after feature so long after the official app was released.


Why important things like this aren’t displayed in a service message directly on the main Ratebeer page?
Forums aren’t use by most of the casual users…

@services @joet


We are going to have a first version of offline ratings available in about 3 weeks. The initial design looks fantastic. The dev team has been putting in extra effort to get this important feature out quickly. We were surprised by the performance issue caused by the mobile key which was not the one issued. The team has done well to prioritize a fix and it’s looking great, even for a first release with limited function.


Please make adding beer pics easier, like it once was. Emailing pics seems to have broken down.

Hi everyone,
Eric’s app should be back up and running.
Please let us know if you have any issues accessing your data.

@services. I am struggling to sync my ratings and also I can’t see my offline ratings??

The mailbox is probably full.

Search/upload still not working for me in Eric’s app. I don’t mind uploading them manually as long as they are still here (have about 150 more).

sometime clicking on friends then back to my ratings, helps

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Thanks will try. I have all the rates off my tablet but I have about 20 on my Samsung Galaxy I just cant find

This hint worked for me, thanks!

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Nope, still can’t sync up to date for my beers on my Galaxy 6. Oh well, there’s some beer rates that will just drift off into the ether never to be entered. Just have to live with it.

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ok im drunk tonigth and just added abnother dozen off line ratings im prob gonna need another day to upload them all

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