Millenials and their phones are killing beer

Apparently that is what the Brewer’s Association thinks:!-Brewers-Association-on-craft-beer-and-cannabis

Depending on your gestalt, social media might suck deeply. Hopefully the suckees will buy craft beer to consume at home.

Weed = cotton mouth
Cotton mouth = thirst
Thirst = BEER!

Or at least it used to.

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Brewers releasing bad beer (off-flavor-riddled, or just sub-par in execution) intentionally or due to a lack of knowledge on what bad beer is, because they “have to” or just because they “want to” is what’s ruining beer. Publicans who don’t store/care about their beer well help as well.


This article popped up in my feed yesterday and I have to say, it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. What kind of cognitive dissonance is required to get your brain to decide that craft beer sales are slowing down because people are buried in their phones? Insane.


As a millenial who uses his phone to rate beer, I agree with your sentiments.

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I’m not a millennial but I heavily use the phone.
Am I a threat to craft beer?


Danger Danger!!

All this is just part of the evolving society." - Bob Pease, President & CEO of the Brewers Association

fuck this guy tbh :roll_eyes:

Guys, put down your phones and stop killing beer. :joy:

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Later today, I’ll be killing a few pints.