Mini Goals for 2020

With this virus thing looking like it’s going to effect everyone on the planet I have decided to try and reach some easy targets/goals now, rather than any grand plan.

I am still hoping to visit Ireland, Germany and Belgium by August, but who knows if that’ll happen.

New goals for this year.
Reach 5,000 English rates; currently at 4,783
Reach 500 Scottish rates; currently at 476
Reach 300 Welsh rates; currently at 277


Looking very grim.
You may make your goals but the trip to Belgium must be doubt.
I was booked for Belgium, France, Germany & Luxembourg the first week of April - that’s off now.
Hoping to still be able to visit NL though…

I should have been in Bruxelles now, sitting on my couch in Berlin instead. :frowning:

Let’s hope by June things will get better, otherwise I do not think there are many chance of going abroad

Nearing 1000 place rates (at 966) after a trip to Shropshire, but I’m going to social-distance for a while now (and at any rate places will be shutting at some point, I’m sure). I was hoping to hit 1000 before my birthday in September, but now I would be happy to hit it by the end of the year.

A trip to Europe, obviously quite late in the year, will hopefully appear on the cards. I’ve not left the UK since 2017. If I don’t get out for at least a few days this year I’m going to lose my mind!

Other than that, I just hope the beer scene in the UK is still as vibrant when this is all over.

My short-term goal was to get to #2 in Hampshire. Unfortunately those Unity and Vibrant Beers are the ones now quarantined at the office.

Edit: We were allowed in to the office to collect IT equipment so I evaded security and grabbed some beers.

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My main goal it to rate a place in Wiltshire, as it’s the last county I have rated a place in. Other than that 10,000 in total but that might slip back to next year.

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On March 14th I wrote about intended trips before August (Ireland, Germany and Belgium) and having realistic ‘Mini Goals for 2020’.

Not much has changed; just saying!


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Did OK I suppose:
England on 5117
Scotland on 538
Wales on 296 (so failed by 4).



Am now #2 rater of Hampshire beers. #1 spot is more of a longterm goal… unless I solely drink Hants beers?

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