Mini Rail Crawl today My review seems to have disappeared, no problem, new one very soon!

Then maybe:

And here:

Hope for at least eight new rates.



How’s the trip going?

Yeah, where’s the beer porn?!

Hope you enjoy it.

Bloody disaster, first port of call had Sarah-Hughes; needless to say the day went down hill from there.

Sorry, no beer porn, but I had a great afternoon, early evening.

I managed three new rates, but I just love a well looked after Sarah-Hughes.


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You missed a trick there old bean

A beer festival on at the Firs club in Codsall, they also brew there. Decent little range of beers on.

Also worth a look is the Crown, Joules pub in Codsall, both 5 mins or less walk from the station.

Did you not want to spend time in Staffordshire and dash back “over the border” home to Salop?