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Mini tasting on July 27th?

I can host on July 27th if enough people are around on Friday the 27th. Let me know if anyone is down.

I think I’m in town that weekend. I’ll put myself down as a tentative, “yes.”

I should be able to make it around 7

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maybe but evening tastings are a bit more difficult.

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I think I’m good for the 27th. I get back from Belgium that week too.

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Thanks for the invite. Would really like to attend but I am still out of the country. Not sure when I will be back, but when I do get back I am hoping to attend a tasting as I have lots of beers to share.

Cheers and enjoy the beer.


The only days I will be in town this summer are July 12-15. Enjoy!

Dick, I MIGHT be around that weekend. I’ll know more soon. We could potentially do a mini-tasting that weekend as well. If I can do it, I am 99% certain my wife is out of town, so I could host. I also wouldn’t mind heading to any breweries if that’s in the cards.

FYI, for some future tasting: I have 3 years worth of SAVOR “exclusive” beers that I can share with the group, but I’ll only do so when I know I can get the maximum number of ratings out of the bottles… (trying to get as close to “10” ratings as I can on some of these.

A mini tasting would be terrific. The date options are somewhat limited. The 13th, I think, is free. The 14th we are celebrating Amy’s 40th birthday and our place in McLean. We could carve out a space to taste a few beers if you want to join the party. As far as brewery visits, the 13th would be the only day.


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I’ve been a bit MIA the last few weeks.

On the 14th, it looks like I’m going to be headed to the Mad Fox Anniversary Party with @GenDV138. One of my college friends is in town that I plan on dragging along.

Donnie, I’ll text you later, but if you see this before then, when are you planning on going?

No way I can do this as an entire day affair, but I want to try to get there before 11 when it starts (I don’t care about the glass giveaway TBH). I think we could probably do lunch there and stick around until at least the 1 PM cask tapping if it seems interesting.

11am - Glass Give-Away for first 200 people
11am - Anniversary Beer Tapping - Style TBD
12pm - 2018 Barrel-Aged Batch 900
1pm - Specialty Cask
2pm - 2017 Batch 700
2pm-5pm - Live Music
3pm - 2017 Falls Church Distillery Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy
4pm - Specialty Cask
5pm - 2015 Blended Barleywine
5pm - Anniversary Cake for All!
6pm - 2015 Barrel-Aged and Soured Batch 500

Maigua just brought me like 10 Ecuador ticks. Should bounce most of us from zero to top of the leader board there…

don’t worry I have other stuff too…

I’ll be at our McLean abode for Amy’s birthday party. Will have some interesting beers to share for anyone who can stop by - food too :beers:

We’re 11 minutes from Mad Fox

Ahh, just seeing this now, @Iphonephan . Sorry I missed you!

Sorry I missed it. It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend, just couldn’t make it.

FYI, all but 2 of the beers from the Mad Fox anniversary party were still on tap as of last night, so if anyone wants to do any cleanup over the next few days, they should be good to go.

Is this thing happening on the 27th? Just working on finalizing my plans for the weekend.

Sure, I’m still in. Will post a list shortly

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I’m 50/50 at the moment for this.

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